HandiworkToo many of us have become slaves to the externals around us. I’m still not yet in understanding of how so many people can find so little to do with themselves in their free time. We are rapidly loosing the ability to envision—especially the young. Within my profession as a Realtor, I’m finding fewer people looking beyond what is in a particular home rather than envisioning improvements that could be made to make the home suitable for themselves and their families. I believe this is why some agents are encouraging the “staging” of homes in attempts to create an illusions or possible visions of what a furnished home could look like. Television programs are also culprits in promoting the being like someone else rather than promoting one’s own sense of taste. Over these many years of marketing homes for sellers, I can say without a doubt that there have been times when entering a particular seller’s home, I found myself truly marveled by the exquisite interior designs and furnishings. Their environments were created for their own enjoyment—not for someone else.

I do hope that in time, people will start appreciating original designs that either they created themselves or others created. Whatever happened to people having hobbies like woodcarving, pottery making, metal crafting, crotchet, needlepoint, and all the other hobbies out there that promote mental stimuli as well has hand coordinations. I agree we must keep our bodies healthy and fit, but we also must keep our minds healthy and fit. Every time I see original handiwork of others, I’m in total appreciation of the time, effort and vision that went into their creations.

Joe Chodur

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