The Herd Mentality

rabbitsI do hope the “thunder snow storm” that is expected to start hitting us tonight won’t be as bad as some have predicted. We need to get the first time buyers out of their cabins and start some real house hunting without being held back by these sweeping weather changes. I can’t believe how low the 30 year fixed home mortgage rates are right now.

Every tenant that even thinks they will be living in Mason City and the North Iowa area for at least five to seven years, really needs to take a closer look at how much money they can save in total monthly housing payments versus how much they are paying their landlords in just one year! One thing most people don’t consider, is that extended ownership also builds equity. It’s a much forgotten form of a long term savings account. You take care of your home, and it will take care of you.

I’ve noticed over these past several years how first-time buyers are leap-frogging purchasing what we’ve always considered a first time buyer’s home, to a home that is usually something their parents purchased later in life. I never was one to follow fads or stand in line waiting to purchase something everyone else has. It wears away individuality and diversity in society. There are far too many wanna-be-likes in the world. Every time I hear of someone wanting to move to a particular location simply because of being in that particular subdivision, I just consider it another example of simply reaching for more of a social acceptance within the community.

I am extremely appreciative of homeowners who nurture their own identities by purchasing what they feel is best for them and creating sanctuaries within their homes for themselves and their families—not for it to become a showplace for building social status. There are still a few buyers and sellers out there that haven’t yet fallen into the herd mentality. They are delightful people!

Joe Chodur

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