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BulbOne of the most frustrating as well as rewarding aspects of my career in real estate is when working with sellers, and especially buyers, I find them to often times be suffering from selective memory and hearing loss. For example, some sellers will argue with me about what their home is worth as well as not wanting to make a few improvements to create more value. One case that comes to mind was a seller who said he would do everything I asked as far as improvements, but in reality he made a limited at best attempt. He then allowed family members to live in the house while he was away and they in turn created as many “land mines” for me as far as showing the property. When the listing expired and I went to the seller for renewal, his comment to me was, “You promised me you would sell my house and you didn’t.” Wow! That was a real turn-about in what really happened. My only comment was to simply wish him well. I do attempt to take the high road even if it internally hurts. I think his light bulb finally went on when he listed with another agent and had did finally do what I asked. When it comes to buyers, it all has to do with figuring out in their minds and putting aside all the static noise coming from friends and relatives as well as the internet. Nearly everyone “thinks” that everything they read on the internet is true. Hmmm….So I guess I should start believing even the goofy ads I see on-line. I don’t know how many times I have listened, and listened, and listened some more of the key wants of buyers. What starts out as a 3 bedroom ranch in the suburbs, sometimes ends up a 4 bedroom two story in one of the older districts. The buyers that I most appreciate, are ones that have already done their soul searching and have created their hard and fast requirements in what they are looking for in a home they will likely purchase. As far as the sellers I can connect with, are the ones that listen and truly want to have a open and working relationship. I had an appointment today to view a seller’s home. I went to the door and no one was there. I waited about 15 minutes and drove away. I can assure you, I won’t be doing another visit. We all have land-line and cell phones and if we can’t even make an effort to call and cancel, then I consider that just the beginning of a bad working relationship. On the absolute bright side, you can’t imagine how moved I am when a buyer or seller finally sees the whole picture and their internal light bulb of understanding finally clicks on. Sometimes it is so bright, I have stand back from the blast.

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