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boxEvery time I find myself at the Eve of the New Year, I begin reminiscing of the happenings of the past year. If everyone would stop and consider the joys and sorrows of a soon to be year gone by, they would perhaps encourage themselves to do just a bit better. We as humans can’t normally make great changes overnight because we set ourselves up for failure, but if we make changes in baby steps it gives us the ability to familiarize ourselves with change. Remember, unless we are natural born explorers, we despise change. I have but two family members that are explorers and they continue to make me smile because they have always had the guts to create new paths in their lives.  Stepping out of one’s box and re-learning what is important in one’s life is paramount to the continuation of one’s growth and development. My dear aged Mother asked me some months ago how I managed to be so good in another endeavor that I have nearly taught myself. My only response to her was, “I wanted to do this and I forced myself to learn.” She sometimes thinks that I am far more intelligent than I am because I’ve learned to take baby steps to “understand” things. I absolutely love to hear of people taking leaps towards new endeavors. Every time I find competitors copying me, I bristle for about five minutes and then I take it as a mere compliment. I speak on a sad note on this year’s end about the most delightful young and soulful person that I worked with on a monthly basis. She was fired from her position for likely skewed reasons. If eyes are the light of the body, her eyes were memorable. I will never forget the e-mails from her regarding my always seemingly staying ahead of the game. After two or three times, I finally e-mailed her and said, “I wait for many, but I despise anyone waiting for me.” When our New Year begins, I will attempt to find where she lives and send her a note of encouragement. Perhaps she will as well find an new path after she was thrown out of the box. I have this “feeling” that her’s and my path will cross again in the future.  I wish each and every single one of my dear readers a most healthy and prosperous year ahead. And I really do mean it!

Joe Chodur

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