Reflections of the Future

SEA_1539-EditI’ve had sales this year to some of the most delightful young people. I was reminded of that today when one of the buyers arrived filled with excitement about the progress he’s been making on his new home. The photos he provided of one of the rooms showed he was already making great progress as well as taking care about the details. The details are what cause an older home full of gorgeous woodwork to stand out and above the rest in its class. I freely gave him pointers on what to do and not to do in bringing a turn of the century home forward in functionality as well as design and appeal. I’ve come to accept my initial instincts about buyers who “say” they’re going to do something great and wonderful with their new homes and don’t, and those that say it and mean. I will be closing very soon on another home that needs upgrades and several days ago, I commented to the buyer’s parents that I have absolutely no concerns about their child making all the upgrades on the home that are needed and I’m certain those improvements will be done in a “top drawer” fashion. With all the hiccups I’ve endured in getting my circa 1882 office building to where it is today, I was freely paid a great compliment on my building by an attorney from another city who stopped by to drop off some closing documents. Sometimes when we believe a long term project will become an exercise in futility, and in the end, before our eyes shines something far better than we ever would have imagined. I only hope that more and more buyers, filled with energy and vision will look past what is before them and start seeing a few reflections of the future in any older home that just is crying for young, energetic and loving owners.

Joe Chodur

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