Switch Plates and Door Knobs

Door-KnobsI challenge all my readers to test yourselves and your ability to notice everyday wear and tear in your homes. Believe it or not, nearly everyone overlooks those things we come in contact with numerous times on a daily basis. Several of the big ones for me are light switches and door knobs. In some of the most expensive as well as inexpensive homes I find unbelievably filthy light switches. I try not to think of what is living in all that dark and gooey gunk that’s waiting for someone to attach itself to random fingers. Door knobs are also nasty creatures. I remember times in the past that I came to the point with several listings that I had where I made a point to take a cleaning solvent with heavy duty paper towels to the homes and clean the disgustingly filthy door knobs. To me they are like switch plates—only round. On a positive note, I can say the human constitution is without resign a nearly impervious machine. Having been attacked by a swarm of fleas and survived, lived thru numerous poorly made scented candles burning sooty smoke, and countless homes that were either filled with animal hair and dried saliva; yours truly has still survived. I had an extremely loving and dear client stop by the office today. We shared life stories and talked about how family members have their own version of what really happened in their formative years. He mentioned that he was the middle child and was sickly in his youth and had to stay inside for fear of becoming sick again. His siblings nicknamed him “pansy” because he was too “delicate” to be outside. He said, “I did everything I could during those years to help my mother keep our home spotless during those years of my infirmities”. After listening to him, I can assure you that during those years there was likely nothing that was over-looked in the weekly cleanings. If your switch plates and door knobs are clean, then likely everything else is clean. My hat goes off to you.

Joe Chodur

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