Beads of Worry

Every day I encounter people who are filled with worry and continue to take conversations towards the negative side. Sometimes I find myself being a bit too worrisome and negative, so I have to take a step back and look at the whole picture. It’s OK to worry a bit and compare the positives and negatives in decisions that must be made on a daily basis. The cause and effect of daily decision making must be always kept in the forefront. So many make rash decisions that they live to regret because they don’t think forward enough to envision the effect of that choice. I met with the a young couple today who was looking at a home that I am helping a client of mine get rented. They are a perfect example of thinking only in the here and now and filled with the “what if” should this or that happen. I spent more than the normal time with them explaining that even though a person is renting month to month, they still have to come up with the rental payment. The husband said, “I don’t want to buy anything because if I loose my job, I won’t be able to make the payment.” I said to him, “If you loose your job and can’t pay your monthly rent, your landlord will evict you.” His remark was, “Well, I guess you’re right but what if something needs to be fixed? I don’t have the money to fix things.” My reply was, “The exceedingly high rent you are now paying where you live, gives your landlord more that enough cushion to not only get a great return on his investment but also to make any repairs necessary.” I told them that the type of home they are looking for would have a total monthly payment of at least $200 less than what they are now paying in rent. What does one do with the difference? Open a savings account for the “what if” should it happen. I drove away from the home filled with a bit of sadness knowing that this family is one of millions living in our country. Their parents were not taught, their parents didn’t teach them and subsequently, they cannot teach their children. Coming back to the worry thing. We here in North Iowa have learned worry and negativity well. It tires me so whenever the election time rolls around. The accusations and mud slinging borders on the ludicrous. In my life I will never find and opponent of an incumbent ever saying ANYTHING good about his or her adversary in the election. Worry, I know it well. So terribly many years ago I told my Mother to stop causing me to worry because I acquired it honestly. I have learned to keep the worry beads in sight but at a distance. Life is better that way.

Joe Chodur

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