I am working with a young charming couple who have been renting for quite some time. Some weeks ago we found a home that fit their price range as well as most of their needs. We were able to get it purchased for a bargain price. They had it inspected and as I suspected, the home passed without any major issues needing attention. I will never forget the first time I opened up the home for them. I could tell that one of them was taking a keener look at it and sensed that there were wheels beginning to turn. I have opened up the home for them several times since we had the contract signed, and each time I can see the buyers becoming more and more excited about their purchase. The more we talk about things that can be done to bring out the beauty and comfort of the home, the more excited they become. The young gentleman who in the beginning was a bit shy and reticent, is more and more open to things he wants to do with the home during the winter months. I spoke with his mother today and shared with her my beliefs that he and his girlfriend will in time create a great home for themselves. I also told her that I absolutely wanted to see great things happen for them in their new home because of how kind and thoughtful her son is. It’s refreshing to see young people who are truly caring individuals. He mentioned to me today that when they were renting, they really didn’t have so much regard to their surroundings, but now that this will be their home, he’s going to work at making it the best. It wasn’t so much what he said, but the determination is his voice that assured me that he will follow through with making this home something to be admired. In rare times like this, one sees a real metamorphosis of people when we watch them turning from home tenants to home owners.

Joe Chodur

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