A Woman with Drive and Know-how

I consider myself very fortunate to have been introduced to a young buyer today who is moving into this area from out of State. She is one of the few 30ish females that has made many strides in learning so much in so little time about homes as well as what to do and not do in making improvements to them. The first home I showed her, I soon discovered that I was preaching to the choir in my suggestions regarding updates. I found myself not much more than a door opener and closer by the time we were finished looking at four homes. She has an acute sense of structure, design and appeal, as well as what expenditures would create the best bang for the buck. In a vain sense, I would say she in a few years would out-shine me with her lightening brain power in looking at something and seeing the end result. I feel a bit sorry for the contractor who “thinks” he knows more that she does about the nuts and bolts of a home because he will have a crude awakening about what he believes all women know or don’t know about construction. It’s too bad she has a very good job because I could see her as being a great real estate agent in our community. In closing, what I find equally refreshing about her is that she is completely without guile. She speaks her mind without any dramas or hidden agendas. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if more people would be like her? We would all know where we stand with each other.

Joe Chodur

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