Changing Tastes

I am encountering more and more upwardly mobile younger couples that are looking for older well cared for homes in the $100,000 to $150,000 price range. What is interesting is that they usually want at least four bedrooms and prefer to have at least a ½ bath on the main floor. It seems there is becoming more of an attraction to homes that have natural woodwork and oak floors. Mechanicals such as furnace, air conditioning, plumbing and wiring updates are a must. Many in this new wave of buyers tend to not want to spend the money or time to have these improvements made. To my delight, I am also finding these buyers to be more concerned about using natural materials in their homes as well as eating naturally grown foods. I hope these healthy choices become more standard rather than considered by some to be just a fad. I heard a heartfelt story not long ago about a young family who went to visit relatives in another state. The mother told me that she was having such an embarrassing problem with her son who refused to eat nearly everything that was placed before him at the dinner table where they were guests. Since he was not a shy young man, and after being coaxed too many times he blurted out, “You don’t make food that tastes good like my Mom does and I can’t eat it!”

I’m sure that didn’t go over very well with the host. Since I know the family, I can say the wife works very hard at making as much as she can from scratch. She told me once that she was fortunate enough to have eaten from a heathy table when she was growing up and wants her children to have that same opportunity eat just as well as she did. Yes, it’s more work but it also helps to keep families working together during mealtime. Tastes change but goodness doesn’t.

Joe Chodur

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