Turning the tide of Narcissism

The more we read about how we live in the age of it’s “all about me”, the more we actually are growing accustomed to it and considering it just the way things are. If it is a learned behavior, then it is time that we start de-learning and re-learning how to grow within our societies. Corporate America as well as the schools and universities are very much to blame. We are taught to compete for only the benefit of ourselves and our companies. The us against them is branded everywhere. It seems that it is commonplace to expect there to be losers and winners—not just winners. Back over 100 years ago, the barter system created win-win situations for merchants and customers. They needed each other to survive and grow. I briefly spoke with a very intelligent and gifted woman over the weekend about how people don’t look for the higher good. That being the good for everyone everywhere. She said in listening to conversations daily, the bulk was centered on “me”. I have noticed that as well in how casual conversations are filled with “me”. I mentioned to her that there are people with whom I interact within the business community that have fallen into this narcissistic mode of doing business.

She said that all we can do is to attempt to create examples and maintain the line in the sand ensuring we don’t slowly become like them. One thing that she said that was quite profound was, “If only people would truly wish the best for others, then the world would be so much a better place.”

Yes, it is going to be a job, but I believe together we can slowly turn the tides of the narcissistic behaviors we find flourishing in our communities.

Joe Chodur

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