A Good Home Sells Itself

For years and years and even more years I have insisted that if a home has good “bones” and has been maintained and kept clean, it will sell itself. Many sellers have been duped into thinking that you have to create an image or stage for the home to look its best. Not so. Every time I walk into a home that supposed to be vacant and find furniture of sorts and other trappings, I get this “feeling” that these things don’t belong there because they seem to come from other households. The funniest thing was that I was showing a property this past week and on the first showing, I had this really weird feeling about the furnishings. I sort of said to myself, “This stuff really doesn’t belong to the people who lived here.” I get kind of crazy that way about things not being the way they normally should be. During the second showing, I discovered that the bed was a “fake” bed built from pasteboard boxes with a bedspread and pillows on it—now that was creepy! I know my buyer was a bit frustrated by the mixed signals coming from the home, so I told her that we are living in the times of people believing that what you see is what you get. Let’s all start digging a little deeper and investigate to see what the real “bones” of a home has to offer. I met with a most delightful seller yesterday who lives in one of the most sought after districts of Mason City. Her honesty is commendable! In filling out the seller’s disclosure, she disclosed far more minor things that most sellers wouldn’t have even considered. I thought to myself when I walked out of that home, “I’m not worried a bit about this home because this is a good home and it will sell itself.”

Joe Chodur

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