One of the keys of doing an above average job of selling someone a home is to sit back, keep quiet and really listen to what a buyer has to say about wants and needs in his or her future home. Sometimes, buyers either don’t really know what they want or don’t want to share their ideas of their long term needs. Often times I heard the response after I’ve asked them what they’re looking for and the answer is something like, “Not really sure. I’ll know it when I see it.” This is when you almost have to be a mind reader and start getting a “feel” for what trips their trigger. This is why at times I enjoy working with buyers like these because it continues to hone my skills of finding a home that satisfies need.

A good example of this happened this summer. I had shown nearly everything in my buyers price range and began to consider their future home didn’t exist in the market. I previewed a home that was vacant and as I was walking through it, I immediately thought about these particular buyers. When I called them, they said they had already looked at it on-line and weren’t interested in it. They had pretty much given up on what they really wanted and were preparing to make an offer on something they were not really crazy about. I finally talked them into looking at it and I’ll never forget what one of them was saying to me as we were walking up to the front door. “Joe, you’re wasting my time because I know I’m not going to like this house.” Well, about 2 months later I received the most touching e-mail from them thanking me for selling them the home that they love and as well as thanking me for pressing them to see it. When situations like this take place, it makes selling homes in Mason City all the more rewarding. I have a delightful couple I’m working with now that I believe will be purchasing something soon who are very discriminating buyers but also very good buyers. We speak our minds to each other and thats good. Many minds make little work when it comes to matchmaking.

Joe Chodur

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