Holtz Realty’s Four Open Homes this Coming Weekend…

On Saturday Sept. 07th we will be hosting “brick is better” and they are as follows:

703 - 11th St. NE-3703 – 11th St. NE, Mason City Iowa 1:00 – 3:00 PM

I see a young and vibrant, up and coming, moving and shaking professional/semi-professional purchasing this home. It has all the markings of what someone with discriminative tastes would choose as their residence. From the ground up, this home has been meticulously cared for as well as maintained and updated. There are two delightfully unique features of this home. Firstly, it has a Cinderella balcony off the landing of the stairway leading upstairs, and secondly, it has a walk-up attic for storage.
For a 1 ½ story home to have a walk-up attic that is floored is highly unusual. You have to see this absolutely charming home to appreciate it. Be sure to stop…you’ll be glad you did! Hosted by: Joe Chodur ***Click on the picture for details***

510 9th St. SEw510 – 9th St. SE, Mason City, Iowa 1:00 – 3:00 PM

If you have a taste for olde world styles, this is a bullseye! Quality built by the old Henkel Construction Company where you will find examples of German craftsmanship at its best. In profiling the buyers for this home, I see a young urban family who are looking for that little extra space for visiting family members as well as growing children who want their own little corners. The patio is like something out of a home and garden magazine and the staircase leading to the second floor is designed and built like a piece of high-end furniture. This home doesn’t have closets as we in America know them but rather built-in wardrobes. They are again like pieces of custom built furniture. Be sure to stop by because you may want to stay a while and get the “feel” for this beauty. Hosted by: Brandon Neve ***Click on the picture for details***

***As a footnote… the above homes were custom built and rarely come on the market, so act now!***


On Sunday Sept. 08th we will be hosting “Back to the 50’s” and they are as follows:

303 S. Tennessee Place303 S. Tennessee Place, Mason City, Iowa 1:00 – 3:00 PM

This Roman brick 3 bedroom ranch is truly under the radar as far as I’m concerned. It is quality built and has not had any water in the finished basement during our super wet summer. What I like about this home are the views from the kitchen and dining room. This home’s rear yard is adjacent to St. Paul Lutheran Church’s green area so when you look to the back, that’s all you see is green. This home was was certainly custom built for someone because of the floor plan. It has too many extras to brand it a “tract” house. Most of the natives of Mason City know that this street is highly sought after because it is short and is not a “thru street”. It’s quite close to all the east side schools and shopping. I see work in this home but I even more so see quality, convenience and comfort. Stop by Sunday and take a look. Hosted by: Joe Chodur.
***Click on the photo and view the details of this home***

530 20th St. SE-17530 – 20th St. SE, Mason City, Iowa 1:00 – 3:00 PM

This 3 bedroom ranch home that was just listed is getting a lot of attention and I know why.
I have sold more 50’s style ranches with this main floor square footage than I want to remember but this home has a floor plan that I’ve never seen before. It is a true example of unity in design and appeal.
Everyone that I’ve shown it to has a home to sell and are interested in it but there is no waiting. The home is in an estate and has to be settled. We don’t find many one-owner homes that were built in the 50’s anymore, but fortunately this is one of the very few. The owner was quite particular about construction and it shows. I have already sketched the floor plan because the more I am in the home the more I can see going forward a home that would be considered timeless. Because it is an end-on ranch, the drive-by would leave one to think it is small, but indeed it is not. Seeing is believing…this home is the best in it’s price range. Stop by Sunday and take a peek. Hosted by: Brandon Neve
***Click on the photo and view the details of this home***

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