Chronic Fear Factor

Again today I have experienced with a customer the lasting effects of past real estate transaction that never should have happened. Several years ago when I met her, she told me a story about a home that she and her then husband purchased from another real estate agent. I was shocked at the time in listening to the story. Actually, after she told me the story, I questioned her about the key factors that created a really bad situation for these young and inexperienced buyers. My only response was that I was sorry to hear of such an experience and assured her that I wouldn’t ever place her in a similar situation. Well, after two years of off and on showing her homes, I found the perfect home that would fit her needs. Keep in mind, after two years people become quite frank with each other and I was confident that I had built up enough trust with her. Today, I discovered differently. She said she was going to make an offer on it and mentioned she just wanted to call her mother and get her opinion.

That really wasn’t the reason. I could tell on the phone she was having mental flashbacks to that bad transaction. The only thing I said was, “Just give me a call if you want to make an offer on it.” This situation has happened several times before over these past two years. What I find so terribly unfortunate is that most business people have no idea what happens to customers they have un-deservedly harmed. There is a lasting chronic fear factor that keeps them from making sound decisions.   I can attest to it because I absolutely H A T E car shopping simply because I had a really bad experience with a car salesman many years ago. As one of my favorite elderly aunts said years and years ago, “If you are in a situation that causes you to justify your actions, then you have already gone too far.” I wish that would be the standard for all business people.

Joe Chodur

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