935 – 8th St. SE, Mason City, IA

935 - 8th St. SE-11Holtz Realty has a 3 bedroom ranch home that is certainly priced to sell. I think the general buying public must think there is something wrong with it because of it’s pricing. Really there isn’t. The seller just wants it sold quickly. Yes, there are some cosmetic improvements that I would make if it were my home but the quality of construction as well as the location will cause this home to continually grow in value. I think some of my younger buyers are beginning to finally “get it” when it comes to establishing intrinsic value. If you step back and in your mind peel away all the glitz that some of the higher priced homes have, you will find that doing a dollar comparison of cosmetically dated home prices versus glitzy staged home prices, you will see a marked difference. So, if you just you believe in paying less for likely more, then continue to look for homes that offer location, square footage and quality of construction. I grow tired at times of hearing people who are so much younger than than I am saying they don’t want to have to do any work on a home they purchase. Hmmm… So do people just want to be couch potatoes when they arrive home? I hope not.

Link to the listing is here.

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