As Good as it Gets

507 S. Tennessee Place-5Holtz Realty has for sale an extremely well built and completely updated condo on the east side of Mason City that is truly one of the best that I have seen in a very long time. As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of homes that I have previewed and it takes quite a bit to impress me. Of the features that impress me to begin with, is the quality of construction. It was built back in the time when cost of construction was not so prohibitively high. The basement of the structure has poured concrete walls and the support beams are not wood but rather huge steel beams. The central entrance hall has a double staircase which not only affords less walking from the attached garage to the units but also offers more privacy for each unit because there are not shared “living” walls. The current owner has invested thousands of dollars along with hundreds of hours in bringing the unit up to today’s standards.

Another feature that is outstanding is the natural light. There are new tilt-in windows looking out to the courtyard. When you look out the windows from every room there is always something delightful to look at. The two stall attached garage as well as the basement storage area is yet another cut above the competition. I have sold other units in this complex and I have yet to have anyone complain about their units. Yes, you could spend likely over $100,000.00 more for a new construction but I don’t think you will have the quality that lives in this unit. If you are looking for picture perfect, this condominium is about as good as it gets.

Click on the link and get a glimpse… 507 S. Tennessee Place

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