Demand and Supply

Whenever someone talks about supply and demand, I always think of it in the opposite. We can use numerous examples like the rage of the smart phones, the tablets, fashions, autos and on and on. The reason so many billions of dollars are spent on visual advertising is that it creates a “false” need. So, when we have been convinced that we want something by the visuals of advertising, we are then pulled into the “want stage”. So then, when any of us poor souls are on the burn to get something we think we want it becomes a quest. What makes it even more interesting is when not only you want something but many thousands and possibly millions want the same thing. Then comes the “me first” mode of thinking. “If someone else gets what I want before I do, I will be really angry!” I laugh to myself often about how people create this attitude that if someone of substance or power has endorsed a product or idea, then it must be really good. Most don’t know the backroom deals that are done by advertisers to get them to endorse a product.

I will never forget how many times over all these years I have been scolded by my family and friends for rejecting something that they believed I should like or dis-like. Most of them know now that if I don’t have the “feel” for something I like, then I don’t even want anyone to give it to me because I would likely give it away.

This comes to the thrust of my article. I have two very nice building lots located in the southeast side of Mason City that are crying for someone to either build on them or move one or two of the flood homes to the sites. After two deep price reductions, they are each priced at $15,000.00 and $15,500.00 respectively.

So, perhaps you may think I am creating a sort of demand for the supply I have of these town lots. Actually no. I am attempting to get people to look an alternate way of building equity for less.

Links to the building lots:
800 Blk of 9th St. SE
907 S. Carolina Place

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