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One of the most rewarding aspects of selling real estate these past years is when at times I encounter very interesting young first time buyers. I had an appointment to show 217 – 6th St. SW which is that grand older home with all the built-ins and gorgeous quarter sawn oak woodwork. They arrived late and apologized profusely. It was a good showing and they liked it. I answered all their questions about financing, credit, job history and so forth. In getting to know them a little better, I discovered that they both possess far above average talents. I can say without a question that their current jobs are far below their mental capacities. I was giving them examples of people I personally knew in the past who went on to do great things with their talents. I could tell they are both on the shy side. One thing I did stress with them is that they absolutely MUST stand up and be noticed when it came to their abilities.

I mentioned to them and they did understand that we live in the times when people who lack ability but know how to scream the loudest seem to get the farthest. Much of society considers that acceptable but I don’t. We all know that the wheel that squeaks the most gets the grease but on the flip side of that idea is that if the wheel squeaks too much it gets changed. I am looking forward to working with them and as well following their efforts to share their great abilities with our community. In spite of it being a very hot day I consider myself quite fortunate to have come in contact with yet two more great minds living here in Mason City.

Joe Chodur

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