Nature’s Diamond in the Rough

This afternoon I showed the in-town acreage located at 1309 – 12th St. NE that I recently listed. The more I am out there walking the 4.45 acres, the more and more I can see past the yard clutter of overgrown grass, shrubs and trees. The smaller four bedroom home has a good foundation and main structure but it needs a real “extreme makeover”. Most people who buy land to build on don’t realize how many years it takes for trees to grow. I would rather purchase something that would take maybe three or four years to get the grounds the way I want them at an old growth site rather than waiting likely 30 years for a grove to mature. If someone who has money to spend and vision, they could make this property jaw dropping diamond. I have to be sure to distance myself from liking it too much because I could even see myself living there. Now that’s a statement coming from a Realtor that has visited more homes than a vacuum cleaner salesman. Spread the word about this property because I know there is someone who has vision, determination and money in our community. Click on the link below and take a look at some of the photos I took before I listed it.

Link to the property… 1309 12th St.NE

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