Glimmers of Gold

Having heard the news several days ago that Clear Lake Bank and Trust purchased the downtown branch of Community National Bank as well as their small west-side office gives the residents of Mason City and North Iowa yet another indication that our community is beginning to turn the corner on upward moving commerce. There are other signs of movement in the right direction for our community as well.

With the city taking a more active step in forcing the landlords to keep the real estate they own from becoming eyesores, will help to keep people who are coming here for a first look from leaving with a negative impression of our city. Because I have been a Realtor for so long, you can’t imagine how many times I have had to defend some of the more positive aspects of Mason City over negative comments from prospective buyers. The more we work to make our city delightfully appealing, the more we will find the true builders with backbones that create strong and sturdy foundations of continued growth. There are many definitions for wealth. I my mind, a wealthy community does not equate to a monetary value, but rather a city filled with people who truly care about each other, their homes, their businesses and their environment. I challenge everyone here in Mason City and North Iowa to work towards that goal. When you start seeing neighborhoods glimmering in golden light, you’ll know you’re getting there.

Joe Chodur

About the Author | Joe Chodur

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