Another Mason City success story

Having added a new Realtor to Holtz Realty last week, I did a quick inventory of office supplies and decided that I needed to make a trip to the office supply store.

While I was there, a past client that I hadn’t seen in several years approached me to play catch up on happenings in our lives. Her and her ex-husband were clients of mine for many years. They were a young family that started out in an old and very modest one story house that they turned into the most charming cottage style home. Her husband, even in his youth had a drive for learning home repairs as well as always reaching for the utmost perfection in the work he did on their home.

Not too many years later they called me to tell me they needed to sell their home as their family was growing. After much searching, we found another bigger and better home that also needed updating. They purchased it and continued on their journey of home ownership. Years passed, and again they called me to tell me they needed a bigger home. As we all know, middle school and high school age children seem to want to have their own “space”. We searched the market again and found an “under the radar” pre-1900s home that was structurally sound, a solid neighborhood and had all the space they wanted. They purchased it and shortly afterwards, I sold their existing home. After perhaps one or two years from when they moved into home number three, they had transformed their home into a showplace. I was surprised, yet not because of their self-taught abilities in home re-modeling and decorating. As the transitions of life happen when the children are gone, husbands and wives either grow closer or more distant. I was called for the last time to give a value on their home due to their parting of ways. Seated in their delightful main floor family room with windows to the world, I had a real feel of a home that was filled with years and years of love. I gave them my opinion of value and didn’t hear from them again until seeing the wife today. In my conversation with her, she told me she had purchased her ex-husband’s share of the home from him and still lives there happily.

The success story here, is that I speak of a family who started out small and worked their way into bigger and better homes. Each time they sold, they left their homes in far better condition than how they were found.

Wouldn’t it be great if each and every young family in Mason City would create this same success story?

Joe Chodur

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