The Wild, Wild Week…

For some years now I stopped saying “I’ve seen it all”, because whenever I did something even more shocking happened. With that said, this past week has been quite the roller coaster of events. Being a seasoned Realtor, I have learned to keep my wits about me during crisis situations. An unfortunate event happened in the home of a client just two days before closing. While the sellers were loading up their belongings and preparing to leave, one of the sellers inadvertently caused one of the kitchen countertops to be severely damaged. After many phone calls to kitchen specialists and subsequent inspections, the only way the problem could be rectified was to have all the countertops replaced due to the continuous changing and closing of patterns available from manufacturers. Both the buyers and sellers did come to an agreement as the costs. Everyone was happy in the end but there were two days this week that I don’t think I want to visit again. If I have said it once, I have said it hundreds of times to sellers, “Your home is not sold until you have check in hand.” I continue to encourage sellers to take real care in preserving their homes to be in the same condition or better since the last time their respective buyers have personally viewed their homes. Nobody likes last minute surprises in home sales or purchases. The best surprise is NO surprise!

Joe Chodur

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