It’s a wonderful Life…

I visited with a delightful younger couple today who are preparing their home to be listed for sale. They are a perfect example of homeowners who truly care about their home and have made the correct improvements. What impressed me the most was that they are extremely clean and somewhat minimalists. Too much “stuff” in a home can detract buyers from a purchase due to rooms seeming small when they really aren’t. Rooms are often just too full of “stuff”. Another remarkable feature is that they have a house pet and I didn’t even get a whiff of animal odor.

I gave them a few suggestions of marketing improvements before they list, so if they follow my instructions, the home should hit the market soon and likely sell in a relatively short period of time.

The key to this story is that if a home is continually maintained and improved over the course of ownership, there shouldn’t be any great “make-overs” to get it marketable.
We can all have a wonderful life as long as we continue to work towards taking care of what we have so that what we have, will take care of us.

Joe Chodur

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