Sailing the High and Turbulent Seas of Real Estate…

Today’s seemingly endless events have been quite a roller coaster of emotions. It caused me to think of what it would have been like if I had taken a different path in careers and became a Botanist or International Banker. Oh well, our lives are filled with choices that take us on delightful paths and sometimes dark paths. I’m still licking my wounds of rejection by a seller for whom I was confident I would have done the absolute best job in marketing his home. After hours of market research as well as carefully physically inspecting the property and presenting a sound professional judgment on recommended improvements as well as likely sales price, I was undermined by what I consider the “wild card” of real estate sales.

The seller called me this morning while I was leaving an appointment and told me that he really appreciated all the insight and marketing suggestions but a friend of a friend insisted the he list with another agent. When he told me that I momentarily felt that I had been broadsided without any warning. So, having to maintain professionalism in my office, I wished him the best.

What has always been the most annoying came out of his mouth before we closed our conversation. And that was, “Well, you still have the opportunity to sell it”. That has been, and will always be a justification for a bad choice. Friends and Relatives will always be the worse for giving good advice.

When sailing the high seas of real estate, make sure you keep your sights on the horizon least you find yourself broadsided.

Joe Chodur

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