Land Mines of home improvements…

Today, I yet again considered myself a victim of Realtor abuse. I have been blessed with several buyers here in Mason City that are insisting on seeing everything in their price range.

For me, after visiting with prospective buyers about their wants and needs, I can usually after two or three home showings get a “feel” for what they really want. Well, today I experienced several basements with water puddles on the floors, mold crawling up basement paneling, and not to mention the end result of so many sellers’ absolute worst attempts at being decorators and re-modelers. Since I am so used to looking for flaws, I can’t help but notice even the most minor. Today I found woodwork that someone must have used a broom to paint because there was equally as much paint on the walls as there was on the woodwork and I also viewed numerous rooms of homes that seemed to be projects nearly finished but not. My nose as well had a workout. If you didn’t know, I will tell you now. When we smell something, the memory of that smell is registered in the primitive area of our brains and will nearly always be remember. The smell of rotten potatoes, dead mice, locker room laundry, and garlic are just a few examples of our acute memories of smells. The reason I say this is that here in Mason City, I encountered a smell in a basement that I have never smelled before. I even asked the buyers if they knew that smell. Of course they didn’t.

So my dear readers, as my statements for today, I say to you for certain, “Don’t start a project unless you can finish it.” “Don’t jump from one half finished job to another. “, “If you even think you don’t know what you’re doing, then likely you don’t.”, and “If your mother ever told you that you have no concept of color combinations, then don’t even try to coordinate colors in your home. Find a friend or relative that does.”

If you don’t remember what I’m telling you in this article, then you may possibly step on one of the land mines of home devaluation!

Joe Chodur

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