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Endless times I have walked thru homes of prospective sellers with a bit of a laundry list of “to do’s” necessary to make their homes more marketable. So far it seems to be about a 50/50 ratio of sellers who make the recommended improvements and sellers who do nearly nothing. One of my biggest gripes is cleanliness.

I will never understand how some owners can live in a home that not only looks dirty, but also smells dirty.  All senses are on alert when buyers first view a property that’s for sale.  Even the smallest of signs of a home that has not been maintained sets off an internal alert to buyers.  Dirty door handles, door thresholds, light switch plates, and ceiling lights filled with dust and dead bugs are just some of the examples of what buyers will see and register either in their conscious or subconscious minds.  The human brain is in a constant state of registering and judging what it finds pleasing or displeasing.  House pets are a delight but they can also cause a “make or break” deal with buyers.  Pet odors and animal hair is a big turnoff.  Homes that have air fresheners in nearly every room are a dead giveaway of attempts to mask an underlying odor.

Showing a home in North Iowa that is spotlessly clean is a treat, and if it’s priced right, it will likely sell faster and for a noticeably higher price than the competition. The statistics don’t lie so let’s keep the values up by keeping the deferred maintenance down.

Joe Chodur

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