Is It Picture Perfect?

It has again been confirmed today…

After showing a family the same home far more than just once, and months of looking at other homes, investigating and talking about all the things the buyers could do to improve and create a real home for themselves and their children, they called me today and said that they purchased another property from a different Realtor. The home I speak of, would have been a perfect fit for them. It was carefully built by a master carpenter for his own family back around the turn of the century. I have always appreciated quality of construction and I see many of the extras that most buyers don’t even notice. I had already spoken with the seller earlier this week indicating that we were moving towards an offer on their home. Well, to my deep disappointment this afternoon, I had to call the sellers back an tell them that the perfect “fit” family for their home had purchased another home. It saddens me when I believe that a better home was passed over just because of the hype and frosting that our industry places on staged homes. I encourage buyers to look past the furniture and trappings—it’s all a mirage that ceases the day of the final walk-thru before closing. But by then, it’s too late—the legal contracts are signed and backing out would create a huge legal battle.

So, let me ask you ALL this. Do the buyers pick their homes, or do the homes pick the buyers?



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