You’re Outta Here

In spite of our temps rising above freezing today, it sure didn’t feel like it because that wind was strong and damp, and no matter how much I tried to stay out of it, the more it seemed to find me. For whatever reason, this winter has been one where the cold seems to radiate into homes and buildings more than normally. I’m thinking it’s because the wind just never seems to want to let up because if it isn’t blowing from the north, it turns around and starts coming from the south.

A client stopped by to drop off an abstract who lives in Des Moines, and after I asked about the weather, I was not surprised when they said it was over 50 degrees when they left, and then another gentlemen mentioned him being in Sioux City last weekend, and out on that side of our State, it was 60 degrees while we were back here freezing our bums off. It never seems to fail when seeing the jet stream dipping down across our border in the Spencer area, and then sweeping across our northern Counties, and then heading back up into Wisconsin. It sure reminds me of how a dog wags its tail.

An unexpected visitor showed up at my office this morning for a nice chat which was long overdue because I’ve done a great deal of real estate work for his family over the years. I was saddened to hear he caught the China-virus and ended up in the hospital for several days because he was having problems breathing, but unfortunately he’s now having some physical issues which are likely the by-products of his infection.

I had noticed he was walking with a bit of a gimp when he came in, and as he was walking out, I noticed it again so I asked him what happened. Well, being the loving husband he is, while delivering a gift to his wife’s workplace yesterday, he slipped on the ice and hurt his knee and wrist. Just talking about it sent me back when I fell on the ice out in front of my office about seven years ago and cracked a rib or two. Of course there’s nothing a person can do about fixing a cracked rib other than deal with the pain. Ouch.

He went on to tell some interesting stories about the DNA tests he and his sister had run, and of course like nearly always, there was an unexpected surprise when they got their results back. While he was sharing his findings, I couldn’t help remembering that most of those DNA testing companies are now posting warnings on those kits regarding the possibility of there being some life-altering results being pulled out of a closet or two.

Of course back so many years ago, such family secrets were held close and normally carried beyond the secret-holder’s grave. Of course nowadays, no matter how much those secrets have been deeply buried and long forgotten, they’re resurrected by those tests. I find it interesting when suspicions are confirmed, but when there’s infidelity or something even worse involved, that’s when it becomes a regret that can’t be altered. With that said, if you make the choice to spit in a bottle, be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Since my visitor has known me well enough, we somehow touched on faith, and ended up on my perch by insisting that so many of our organized religions beat around the bush far too much to where I insisted, “The core of goodness is love and forgiveness, and the core of evil, is fear.” He fully understood the love and forgiveness, but I had to bring him up to speed with the “fear”, so I went on to say, “Just think about all the evils which are born out of fear such as greed, jealousy, hatred and the list goes on and one.” Start remembering all the justifications people make when performing some act of evil born out of fear, and then you’ll fully understand. After he left, I was exceptionally glad he stopped for a visit.

An offer came in on 683 – 16th St. SE today, but unfortunately it wasn’t well received by my seller, but at least we’ve had two offers on it now, so perhaps the next one will be within reason and goes under contract. I’m still concerned over our dwindling MLS inventory, and if we don’t start getting more homes listed, there are going to be some Realtors in a heap of hurt because of their high overheads. It won’t surprise me a bit if we start seeing some switching of agents around to other offices.

I don’t know if many of you have been following the happenings in Ukraine lately, but I dare say that saber-rattling of Putin and his inner circle, had better get diffused, because if it doesn’t, I’m afraid it’s going to be the match that ignites a world war.

What I fully don’t understand, is the fact that the average level-headed Russian citizen, and especially the younger ones who know better because they’ve got access to real news-feeds from outside their country, can sit back and allow that small circle of “old bulls” place the lives of their millions in jeopardy. Oligarchies, dictatorships, and all other governments that are entirely controlled by one person, are like cancers infecting the body of our entire world. Every time I see a photo of Putin with the smirk on his face, I just want to go out and spit three times.

When reading today that he’s now insisting there’s genocide taking place in the eastern region of Ukraine which he helped in creating more “break-away” fiefdoms, I couldn’t help but internally laugh when thinking, “What more weak of an excuse can you find to invade a sovereign nation? There’s definitely something not right with his brain, and hopefully there’ll be a general or two in their military who’ll finally say to him, “If you don’t stop this craziness, you’re outta here.” To this day, I can’t wrap my brain around why and how this all got started. Any ideas?

Tonight’s One-liner is: When you have told anyone you’ve left him a legacy, the only decent thing to do, is to die at once.

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