Gut-wrenching Days

Another pleasant winter day arrived with our temps hovering around the freezing mark, and luckily I did manage to get to my office early enough so I could spend time researching the two properties I had scheduled to look at later today. After going thru all this past year’s sales, I was able to find enough comparables for me to give those sellers my best educated guesses in what price ranges their homes should be listed.

With about an hour to kill, I went over to St. Paul Lutheran and did a little practicing on their pipe organ for this coming Sunday’s Service. The same thing happened again where I felt far more at ease playing it than I’d been all those months I’d played for their Services several years ago. For whatever reason, I’m glad to now be in my comfort zone with the “old girl”.

Just after returning to office, I received a call from one of the sellers I was to meet with this afternoon saying today wasn’t a good time due to some issues, so our meeting got re-scheduled. I’m glad the call came in early enough instead of phoning five minutes before I’d be ready to head out.

Another appointment I had was to show a rental unit to a young man who’s looking at living closer to his work, and after visiting with him and his grandmother, I was convinced he’d be a good fit, but unfortunately he’s still wanting to spend hundreds of dollars more in rent at that new apartment complex south of the mall. While walking away, I couldn’t help thinking how our younger generation has changed to where they spend nearly everything they make on high rents and expensive cars. Whatever happened to living a little on the cheap so that someday there wouldn’t be this living from paycheck to paycheck? The unit I showed him was about as clean as could be, but being “used”, likely caused resistance with him when knowing he could live in a brand new apartment building.

After a client of mine called and emphatically insisted I watch our National news this afternoon, I found myself pulled into all the news feeds on what was going on at our Nation’s Capitol. If I hadn’t seen that complete disregard for our pillars of democracy, I would’ve never believed it.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have any office appointments this afternoon because I was internally seething for hours. I’m exceptionally dis-appointed with our soon to be ex-President for inciting that crowd by giving another one of his taunting speeches shortly before they went storming to our Capitol’s grounds. I haven’t looked at anymore of it since heading out to my last appointment because I’d pretty much gotten my fill of it all for one day. All I can vehemently say is, “Shame on all of them!”

When visiting with a dear friend of mine today, he asked if something like this happened during our Revolution, and after pausing for a moment, I told him that I didn’t think anything like it has happened since the War of 1812. Yes, it’s been over 200 years since our Capitol has be violated in such a fashion. Perhaps I’m sounding a bit arrogant when saying most of those protestors haven’t a clue when it comes to real facts, real histories and lasting consequences. What I was watching today was akin to mindlessly viewing a made-for-TV drama.

As someone mentioned in one of those many news feeds, I’m sure hoping all of us will remember for future reference what happened today, and especially those elected officials responsible for inciting those riots. Besides our soon to be ex-President, the spotlight shines brightly on Ted Cruz and his circle of cronies. Once again, “Shame on all of them!”

In spite of what the pollsters were saying, I had this “feeling” those two Georgia Senators would be voted out of office, and especially when hearing one of them saying several days ago, “I’ll be casting my vote to challenge the Electoral College.” When I heard her say that, I figured if there were enough reasonable minds left living in Georgia, she’d just placed many nails in her own coffin. Yes, I’ll likely never forget this day in history. Is the old saying true that goes, “If it doesn’t kill us, it’ll just make us stronger.”? If that be the case, then today’s challenge on real democracy should very much strengthen our United of States.

My last appointment which was to preview a home for a seller went quite well, and since he’s such a happy-go-lucky chap, I was relieved his humor was enough to lift my spirits. I gave him a few pointers on a few things that needed to be done which would take a long weekend to do, and then be ready to hit the market. It’ll offer just about everything today’s buyers are looking for, so hopefully it’ll go under contract soon after I list it.

While driving home, my thoughts turned dark again regarding today’s happenings in Washington, so I guess a good night’s sleep will get me washed of this day’s nightmare. If Biden does all the bridge-mending he says he’s going to do after being sworn in, there’s going to be some gleaning of radicals taking place within the ranks of the Republican Party, and if there isn’t, I’m sorry to say it’ll be a cold day before the likes of such characters will ever get re-elected, as these have been gut-wrenching days for all of us remember.

Let’s hope tomorrow will be a brighter and better day on our National front so we can all close the chapter on this very dark period in our history. You can bet the leaders of China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Hungary and all those other democracy hating fiefdoms are partying heartily tonight. I can’t wait to read early tomorrow morning, some of the English news feeds coming out of our world-leading countries.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The greater the feelings of inferiority that’ve been experienced, the more powerful’s the urge to conquest, and even more violent the emotions.

Joe Chodur

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