Re-visiting the Dark Ages

For the first time in weeks I didn’t see anything worth mentioning on my way to work early this morning. I dare say there’s usually one or more back-packing bikers, dumpster divers, rag draggers, spent cigarette butt pickers, or can grabbers. They all must’ve called their usual routines off this morning and thankful for it because whenever seeing such, triggers troubling thoughts regarding what direction our country is moving. But when I pulled into the parking space behind my office, there lay a super-size empty can of beer on the ground. Of all the trash bins and dumpsters lining our streets and alleys, you’d think they’d have enough respect for Mother Nature and the owners of those buildings to properly dispose of their waste, but NO!

I’ve been seeing that same old couple walking up and down the streets picking up trash, bottles and cans, and whatever else they can fit in their plastic grocery bags. You’d think they’d be more careful about doing their so-called civic duty of picking up refuse that was thrown about by our City’s “trash”. I’m coming to a realization that the more we enable such mindsets, the more they think they have the license to dirty-up our City, and deep down, I’ve always considered them giving all the rest of us their middle finger while doing it. Perhaps if our police would start giving tickets to those many litterers, that old couple wouldn’t have to be placing themselves and others in situations where they’ve contracted something from that refuse being discarded by others, and especially when not knowing who handled it and Heaven only knowing where it’s been.

As I was going to my car yesterday, I happened to notice an exceptionally attractive young lady walking down they alley with a small bag, and after I got in my car and pulled away, I looked back and was shocked to see her digging in one of the dumpsters. At first glance, I suspected she was a person of the night by the way she was so thinly covered with her low-cut tight-fitting t-shirt and shorter-than-short and tighter-than-tight denim shorts, and let me tell you, she was walking like a real swinger. Perhaps she is part of our world’s oldest profession and the reason she’s now dumpster-diving is business not being so good since the China-virus arrived. I did happen to notice an article some days ago how our world’s sex workers are struggling just to stay alive.

Most of my morning was spent doing follow-ups on emails and phone calls, along with getting some letter writing done which I’d been pushing aside for far too long. I also had to make a special trip out to Menards to pick up a gallon of Murphy’s Oil Soap which is the commercial concentrate being the only cleaner I use on real wood floors. When I went to the shelf where it normally is, I was shocked to find them completely out which has never in the past been the case. The only other things I needed were two light bulbs for the front of my office which were burned out. At least they had them in stock so off to the cashier station I went to pay.

Just as I was driving away, I figured I might as well see if Fleet Farm had that cleaner so I drove over and had a look. Since I don’t know their store that well, I had to ask where their cleaning supplies were. The lady was kind enough to walk me over, and to my shock they did have it but only one gallon left, so I grabbed it. I tell you if this coronavirus isn’t screwing up our supply chains, I don’t know what is. First it’s the toilet paper, then the paper towels, the facial tissue, the meat, the orange juice, along with a list of things you wouldn’t think had even the slightest of connections.

After finding all these businesses which have installed miles of plexiglass in their stores and offices, I dare say once we have a real vaccine, I won’t be surprised if they’ll keep them installed, and if they do, I’ll wager that’ll be a good thing when considering how much easier it will be to keep from passing other viruses around. It’ll be interesting to see how the influenza infection rates will be in the future if these social distancing and extra precautionary measures are left in place.

My heart goes out to all the many owners of bars and restaurants who’re struggling to keep afloat, and unfortunately I’m of the belief it’ll take a very long time and possibly never for them to get their businesses back to where they were before this virus hit.

I’m still seething over the fact that Iowa is number one in the Nation for having the highest per capita number of infections in our country, and to think some months ago I was being so proud over how few we had. I’m not pointing the finger at just one person in our State Government, but as far as I’m concerned there were some serious mis-guidances shortly after all “yell” broke loose in our States. There’s no question they’ll be remembered when their re-election times come around.

I wasn’t a bit surprised to read where Alex Navalny’s poisoning was confirmed as being of the Novichok family of deadly poisons which were developed by Russia during the Soviet times. I swear it seems our world is re-visiting the Dark Ages where poisoning was the preferred tool of death. As much as I had hopes for his creating good and lasting changes in Putin’s evil empire, yet on a realistic side, I figured Putin would sooner or later have him silenced by one from his dark circle cronies. The idea of killing someone because they challenge your thoughts and actions is beyond my understanding. I guess Noam Chomsky’s predictions are becoming all the more a reality.

My take on this whole business of living in these times, is to each and every day, do the best we can for ourselves and those who also want to live peaceful and co-existent lives with others, and not have this mounting radicalization to where it’s left to be a choice where you’re either with us or against. Too scary to even consider, don’t you think?

Tonight’s one-liner is: What most persons consider as virtue, after the age of 40 is simply being a loss of energy.

Joe Chodur

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