Warming Rays Within

Warming Rays Within-1In just about every office I visited today, the employees I encountered raved about the sun shining brightly. I couldn’t help but respond, “Yes it’s bright outside, but wait until you’re out in that cold with the wind blowing again, then you might not think it to be such a wonderful day.” I’m convinced Mother Nature decided to have her own “Ground Hog Day” repeat of late November weather beginning weeks earlier. So much for the normal Fall we’ve grown so used to every year.

Without looking, I drove to the place this morning where I thought I was supposed to vote. When pulling up I quickly discovered it was moved elsewhere. I turned around and started driving back to my office while looking carefully for any possible signage pointing its direction. After about a mile or two, I noticed an arrow sign “vote here” and followed it.

When I walked in, I was of the belief there were many others having done the same as me due to the weak number of voters within. Oh well, I did my civic duty and voted my conscience. As usual, I ran into several old clients and customers, so I stood and visited with them a bit. Just as I was driving away, I happened to notice a familiar crotchety misanthrope pulling in whom I try to avoid at every opportunity. There are enough self-centered people I have to deal with on a regular basis without actively looking for them.

A dear friend stopped by my office later this morning seeking professional advice. We had a very good conversation and I think it actually did us both good–especially when sharing the stark realities of living and working in a world we would’ve never dreamed possible 30 years earlier. It makes me exceptionally sad to see intelligent and hard working people passed over for jobs for the silliest of reasons, which are age and looks. Every time I get poor service from an “Eye Candy” who thinks he or she has the best of me because of youth, I simply look at them and think, “You’re next.”

One of the homes I showed later this afternoon had me nearly fit to be tied because of its funked-up floor plan and glaring neglect of the basic updates homeowners normally make over their many years of ownership. I can’t even remember the last time I found original wiring of a turn-of-the-century home still hanging in its basement, and so very much “live”. The longer I was there, the more nauseated I became to where I was screaming in my mind at the buyers, “When are you going to let me get out of this house?” In going forward for me, the best view of that home is going to be in my rearview mirror.

The highlight of my day was listing another unit over at Prairie Place on 1st. The one I listed is Unit 111 which is located on the main floor and at the southeast corner of the complex. I have a very good feeling it’s going to sell quickly simply because it has east and south facing windows as well as being on the main floor. With our near arrival of short days and long dark nights, our winter months are always more endurable when possessing windows which allow our low-hanging sun to send warming rays within.

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