Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

So very often I find in the times in which we live, people being so much of the mindset of entitlement. Every single day I see people who appear to be physically and mentally fit where they should have some sort of gainful employment. They somehow manage to become part of the government entitlement programs that give them enough for food and shelter. I know we have the duty to take care of those that have fallen on hard times, but I find it now questionable. Personally, over the years I have learned to do many things; not because I was being overly conservative, but rather that I found that I could do some things better than those that were in their respective professions. The know how of much gives a bit more freedom of choice as well as a level of comfort. I will never forget the day when I left a real estate office that I worked for about 20 years ago. The broker was so angry with me for giving my notice that some of the threats levied at me were quite hard and very spiteful. My only response was, “If I have to pull weeds out of onions for the rest of my life, it would be a better calling than remaining here one more day.” Sounds like a crazy response doesn’t it? Well, I guess in times of stress we regress. One of my jobs when I was growing up was to help weed onions that were subsequently sold at the end of Summer. I do hope that the powers that be take the time to teach rather dismissively throw money away. It not only weighs on society in general but it promotes diminished self-esteem. In the real estate market today, I find more and more young buyers paying too much for too little just because they have no idea about making real and long lasting improvements themselves. Making mistakes is just part of the curve of learning. There is an old German saying that goes, “Wer tut nichts, macht keinen Fehler.” It translates as, “He who does nothing, makes no mistakes.” Let’s continue to make mistakes so we can keep on learning.

Joe Chodur

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