Opposing Forces

If anyone who works in downtown Mason City would just become more aware of their surroundings as they are going to and from their workplace, they would notice as I have, the opposing forces that are forming in the Business District of Mason City. Too many times one will notice people who seem “out of place” on the sidewalks as well as street walkers who seem to make a daily habit of traversing the same street three, four and five times a day.

As the warmer weather approaches, I look forward to the visitors of the Park Inn Hotel out walking the streets taking pictures and admiring the historic buildings of downtown Mason City. I will never forget what happened late last summer. There were three people casually walking past my building in the afternoon when suddenly they stopped. The likely loving couple of the three, stepped into the alcove of my storefront and started smooching while the 3rd gentleman took a picture of the loving couple. Because the reflections of the windows in my office at that time of day, they didn’t even see me watching them. Oh how charming they looked!

I would love to see more and more visitors from all corners of the United States coming here to enjoy the walking tours, the entertainment, the natural beauty, and above all, the welcoming nature of the business owners in the Historic Business District of Mason City.

I am seem overly proud of our Downtown Mason City, but I can see great growth and continued development as long as we do NOT have opposing forces. Let’s not allow anyone to pull us down. We must work to continue to build up, and up, and up. Remember, only the sky is the limit.

Joe Chodur

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