Neanderthal Bull

I don’t think we could’ve had a more beautiful early Fall day than today with our warming sun and southerly breezes. Nearly everyone I came into contact with was more than pleasant, with the exception of a stone-faced clerk in one of our County courthouse offices. After having crossed paths with her a number of times in recent years, I swear her face would crack if she’d ever decide to smile. Of course that particular office has long been known for being “issy” and likely due to the person in charge. Irregardless of what anyone says, the character of upper management nearly always trickles down to the lowest of positions. Just to make my feelings know to the stone-face, when asked if I could be helped, I looked at her and said, “I’ll wait for another.” Yes, I do think it’s good to send messages like that to people who should be serving the general public in more positive fashions, and being reminded on a daily basis, we’re paying their bloated wages.

Most of my day centered around getting a closing to happen this afternoon which has been a real chore because of the buyer using an out of town mortgage company. As much as I encourage people to stay local, there always seems to be those who insist otherwise.

When we did our walk-thru this afternoon, I was appalled by the condition the owners left that home. Shame on them! The toilet in the basement was running which told me the rubber stopper needed replacing, all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen weren’t wiped out, the inside of the refrigerator was dirty, the oven wasn’t cleaned, the dryer was full of clothes, curtains were missing that were supposed to stay, along with many other shameful acts of dis-regard. Once again, “Shame on them!”

Thank goodness I got there soon enough before the buyers arrived to place a call to the listing agent. I gave her an earful regarding my disappointment over the condition of that home, and to think the buyers even went over asking price because there were multiple offers on it. You can bet if the sellers were still parked outside that home with their moving van, I would’ve had a few words with them, along with chastising them for taking that child’s play area in the back yard as an excuse their “children” wanted it taken with them in spite of knowing the new buyers had young children of their own.

This afternoon’s experience was just one more example of how tribally selfish some are when doing business with the general public. I’m convinced that people in tight circles of like-mentalities, consider everyone else apostates of sorts and treat them accordingly.

What I saw today was reminiscent of an inspection I’d done over two months ago where the exiting occupant had left a bigger than normal mess, and likely so, just to prove some sort of sick point that he wasn’t going to have anyone telling that precious “Neanderthal Bull” what to do. Oh how he loved to throw unctuous religious one-liners my way. Oh well, we also got thru that one, but unbeknownst to him, there’s a great big wrecking ball of karma following him and his family around and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. I’ve seen willful dis-regard by others for years, but in these times, it’s grown noticeably worse.

I did have time to get some final bills paid over the noon hour while munching on my super-lite lunch of Old Dutch popcorn. Every once in a while I have a craving for popcorn, but it always has to be the brand and type I find the most tasty, so I nearly always end up with their brand that’s just the simple white with nothing in it but popped corn, oil, and salt. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can nearly always taste those nasty additives they put in some of the other brands, and if they have the same ingredients, it’s usually so salty, I end up pitching most it.

With about a half hour to kill, I resumed reading a 1976 edition of “The History of Worth County”. Since that’s the County in which my father’s parents lived, I’m finding it an interesting read, and especially some of the stories and histories given of their early settlers. I did not know that there was a town started back in the 1850’s called Bristow which was the site of Worth County’s first courthouse. My, how times have changed because I doubt there’s even a remnant of it remaining because I’ve been on that north/south road between Hwy 105 and Joice more than once, and all I remember are groves of trees, farmsteads, and fields. I often wondered why Northwood was dubbed the county seat when being so close to the Minnesota border. Today’s little read told me why, which was likely an early example of how County governments can manipulate the general public into making long-lasting errors of judgement in their voting booths. Loud mouths are always the first heard. Right?

Another interesting section showed where the original stagecoach routes were, and very few at that because our railroads hadn’t yet arrived, thus being the only means of travel from one budding town to another. When seeing that map, I was reminded how isolated our early settlers were from those few and sparsely populated towns, and even those first homesteads. Can you imagine how many people died on those farms from accidents or illness due to the cumbersome journeys there’d be to get any sort of medical attention?

I’ve said many times in recent years that we live in the “Wild, Wild North” because of some of the jaw-dropping things people do and say in North Iowa, but after reading today about the lawlessness in one of our border Counties back in the mid-1800’s, I’d say there are still Morphic Resonance remnants of it, very much alive and well.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the owner of 4697 Raven Ave. in Northwood. He’s decided to reduce the price from $82,500 to $69,500. I’m sure it’ll be soon sold.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Virtue would go far if vanity did not keep it company.

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