Pleasant Tidings

I was glad to find today’s weather being much of a repeat of yesterday’s even though it did get a little warmer in the afternoon.  I’ll still take this weather any day over what we had to endure this past winter.

My early morning appointment was with a delightful young lady who’s looking at purchasing her first home.  I spent about an hour familiarizing her with all the ins and outs of buying, along with making mental notes of what type and price range of homes she’s looking for.  Thank goodness she’s already been pre-approved with a local lender which is going to make the process move all the more quickly.

I did pull up some listings of homes in her price range and found one a good possibility which I printed out and gave to her.  Unfortunately, the style and price range of homes she’s looking for, just happens to be one of that range and type we’re experiencing a shortage of in our City.  I did assure her that I would watch all the new listings coming on, and then call her about any that may be of her liking.   I’m hoping I can find her something that’ll fit her needs because she really seems to be a very nice young woman and certainly deserving of all the best North Iowa has to offer.

A conversation I had with a colleague today was much needed because she re-affirmed the fact that no matter how many stones people throw our way, it’s not about what we’ve done or didn’t do to deserve those rocks, but rather those hatreds and jealousies being of their creation and not ours.

We talked about something that recently happened which was totally un-called for which the perpetrators must’ve thought would really go to my core, and for part of a day it did, and saying again today, “It happened, it can’t be retracted, and now it’s in the past, so I’m left to just continue on with my life.”  I did mention how I’m growing all the more indifferent towards any and all who get their jollies out of tearing others down, simply because they’re unwilling to lift themselves out of those foul-minded ditches they dug for themselves.

Late this morning I visited with a gentleman whom I recently employed to promote all of my office listings including Prairie Place on 1st.  Thus far, I’d say he’s done a good job of getting the word out which is a far cry better than what I’ve been seeing from that rag we call the Globe Gazette.  I did mention to him in earnest that if there were a way I could continue to actively promote my listings without having to give the Globe Gazette another dime, I’d do it in a heartbeat because that newspaper has purposely steered away from delivering pleasant tidings to North Iowans.

Just these past 12 months I’ve paid close attention to the subject matter and style of the reporting coming out of the Globe, and I’ll wager the reason they’re loosing all the more subscriptions, is that many of our older who’re still taking the paper, are growing sick and tired of seeing the same old people being hashed over by their staff reporters.  I did get a laugh several days ago when someone mentioned that the Globe should re-name itself to be, “Kitchen Klatter”, because of all the “kitchen” gossip they’re circulating.

Early this afternoon I had to run over to Garner on an appointment, and certainly happy to see the countryside.  I was a bit concerned over the number of fields that haven’t yet been planted.  I’m suspecting it’s due to either those fields being too wet, or soybeans being earmarked for them.  It’ll be interesting what long term effects these trade wars are going to have on our area farmers.   I know there’ll be a few sacrifices to be made, but I think it’s been a long-overdue change in how we do business with other countries–especially China.  It’s about time the playing fields are leveled with the business our country does with a few of our so-called “friendly” trading partners.

My last showing of the day was at my bargain-priced listing at 215 – 3rd St. NW.  The people I showed it to seemed very interested, but I’m not so sure they’ll be able to get a loan.  The wife did say she’s done her banking for a number of years with a local financial institution, so I strongly recommended she check with them tomorrow.  They’d be owner-occupants which would make me very happy, instead of being sold to a rental baron.

One of my long-time client/customer’s stopped by the office today to drop off some information, and during our conversation, he mentioned how all the more rental homes and conversion apartments around our City are appearing all the more scruffy of late.  As I’ve said a hundred times, “A handful of our investors are more bent on the accumulation of units and then bleeding them for every dollar in rent to be had, than they are in keeping them presentable to the general public along with providing acceptable housing for their paying tenants.”   It’s too bad there are those out there more filled with greed than there are with need.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  One cannot develop taste from that which is of average quality, but only from the very best.

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