Like a Big Family

It sounds like we’re going to have some cold days and nights ahead of us this week which I’m sure isn’t going to make any of us the least bit happy.  Oh well, we’re into December and I guess these extended days of cold are to be expected.  I’m only hoping we will have some thawing days during this season because there’s going to be a great deal of cabin fever going around if we don’t.

I had another soft landing of a closing today and all the glad for it considering some of the more difficult ones other agents have had to deal with this year.  When I took the proceeds check out to my seller, I made sure to spend a little time with her and a niece who just happened to be there at the time.

We talked about how quickly the years have passed, and how lucky she is to be in such good health for her age.  I’ve actually done a great deal of business with her along with her extended family over the past 30 years.  I insisted if I should be so lucky to be in such good health at her age, I’m going to work at having the same outlook she has which is likely why she’s lived not only a good life, but also a healthy one.

For sure, I’ll be stopping out to her apartment before Christmas with a small gift.  She intimated some weeks ago what her favorite food is, so I’m going to work at making it happen as my Christmas gift to her.  Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness are the ones that are the most appreciated.

Thinking of gifts for the elderly, I was reminded when driving back to my office the number of years my mother would get Christmas packages in the mail containing edibles which she’d usually pass off on others because there were things contained which she absolutely did not like.  This is why I’d rather not thoughtlessly give people edibles when not knowing what their tastes are–especially the elderly because I personally know how easily they can say to others, “It looks like they still don’t know what I like?”

Since it was the first working day of December, I was in and out of the office more than normal with a number of errands.  One of my stops was to do an inspection of a home along with taking photos.  Another stop was a quick showing, and then back across town to pick up some documents.

Thank goodness our City’s Street Department was good about getting the streets cleared of snow, but while walking back two blocks to my office, I discovered that my office’s sidewalk was the only one in that two block area that was clean and dry.  Thank goodness I had my winter shoes on because there were some pretty icy patches.

I’m hoping all the more that two closings I’m working on will make it to closing this week or the first of next.  I’m sure those buyers will want to be all settled in for Christmas, and I’m going to do all I can to make it happen for them.  Thank goodness I was at my computer when a lender sent me a request for an addendum which I immediately began working on, and when finished, quickly emailed it back.

A gentleman stopped by my office today to share his thoughts about the direction our City is moving, and since he was doing all the talking, I got a real ear-full of his opinions on many of the past so-called “improvements” that were made over the years in our community that were done without any foresight.  There were several things that were created which I couldn’t help but agree with.

His ending remarks were, “Why can’t our City ever come together as a whole to get things done instead of all these special interest groups?”   All I could say was, “I think our City is like a big family containing many children who never seem to reach a consensus because of the dynamics that were created from the beginning, and as I’ve mentioned before, that’s all it takes is one or two selfish and dark-minded people to poison a City’s well, as well as a family’s.”  Before he left, I shared a few of my more kind and gentler thoughts on the matter.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

Joe Chodur

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