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The snow we received overnight was more than just a dusting to where I found myself out shoveling the front sidewalk of my office, and then following up with a good brooming.  Every time I’m out sweeping that snow, I’m reminded of an old black and white photo I saw years ago showing poor hunch-backed old ladies out sweeping snow off pavers of Moscow’s Red Square, and to think most of us believe we’re living such difficult lives.

You may think me possessed about those sidewalks, but with those pavers not being perfectly aligned with each other, snow and especially the ice builds up all the faster which creates slippery patches.  When I left my office for the day, it appeared I was the only one in my block to get all of the snow off the walks.

It looks like we’re going to be bracing for 7″ – 9″ inches of snow starting late tomorrow night.  If we do get that much, let’s hope it’s not going to be the heavy stuff because it’ll be a beast to shovel.  Those of us with snowblowers know how much harder our machines work to get that wet and heavy stuff cleaned off when having to go all the slower to keep them from being stalled by that “snow cone” snow.

I thought my “diamond in the rough” listing was going to be sold today, but the seller decided to counter on my offer, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Over these long years I can attest that selling cheaper homes can oft times be twice or thrice the work with far less compensation.  I oft times inwardly smile whenever hearing about another agent gloating over selling an expensive picture-perfect home as if it was some sort of great feat, when knowing a seasoned agent considers those turn-key homes pretty much a gift from the Gods because they nearly always sell themselves.  I believe I have enough distressed property sales under my belt to where I’ll have enough stories to share when and if I decide to write a heart-felt and bit comical book.

One of my errands today was to go out and have some documents signed by the dearest 90+ year old lady.  I’ve known her for a great many years, and I can certainly say that when her time comes to give up her ghost, she’ll be missed by all the  more than I can count.  We had a good chat about health, growing old, controlling children, Alzheimers, and the state of today’s world.

Since she’s seen more of the world than most wouldn’t even dream of visiting, I’d say she’s about as well-rounded as one would ever expect of a world traveler.  The one thing I’ve always appreciated about her, is how guileless she is whenever sharing her thoughts and feelings.  For some, her bluntness would take some getting used to, but for me, it’s rather refreshing because with people like her, you always know where you stand.

I happened to have a little chat with a farmer today about this year’s crops.  He wasn’t very happy about his yields and the current prices per bushel, but I had to remind him that farming is always a yearly gamble to where some years are great, while others not worthy of talking about.  As with all of us, we’d like to have our perfect worlds, but unfortunately it isn’t possible because there’ll always be something to worry or fret over because for better or worse, we’re all humans.

With the month of December just around the corner, I’ll be starting to prepare for my end of the year accounting which I’ve always found annoyingly tedious.  Considering everything that’s happened along with things that should’ve happened, I’ll be exceptionally happy to kiss-off this year of 2018, and perhaps a “good riddance” being spoken under my breath.

Several of my clients and customers commented on the video about Google watching us that I posted several days ago which didn’t surprise me how shocked they were after watching it. Don’t you think it’s time to start becoming more Goog less?   I can’t stress enough how concerned I am over this slow and methodical control artificial intelligence is having over our lives to where it seems they want to even do our thinking for us.

I’m sternly say to everyone, “You’d better wake up and realize how deeply computers are being imbedded into the smallest facets of our daily lives.”  Perhaps it’s best we all learn how to survive off the grid just in case all “yell” breaks loose with those soul-less machines.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It’s better the devils we know than the ones we don’t.

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