An Afternoon well spent in Mitchell Iowa…

The photos I present to you were taken during my most wonderful time spent in this town. I went out there today to take new photos of the 1 acre home I have listed but I couldn’t help myself taking other photos of this charming village. I will say without resign, if I wasn’t working so many hours in a day, I would live there without resign. I know you will like these photos as much as I do.
110 E. Main 110 E. Main-7 110 E. Main-6 110 E. Main-5110 E. Main-3110 E. Main-2 110 E. Main-4

Joe Chodur

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First of all....Joe Chodur really doesn't like talking about himself but this is what we have found out about him.

Joe Chodur began his real estate career in 1981 during more about: Joe Chodur

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