A Well-Deserved White Christmas Of 2022

When finding the wind still blowing this morning, I was beginning to wonder when it would ever stop, but at least it finally did this afternoon, just before it began to snow. At least it’ll be short-lived because of how warm it’s supposed to get this week. Let’s keep praying we’ll not be getting sleet mixed with the predicted rain.

Once I arrived at office, I got myself situated, prepared a hot cup of tea, and then headed over to my darkened corner to get my Sunday morning contemplative session completed. Fortunately I had a much better session than normal, and likely due to my having been diligently working on a daily basis, to keep myself centered. That daily mental gunk we allow ourselves to become attached to, really weights us down, far more than we can possibly imagine. Yes it was a very good streamlined session which I’m going to work at keeping it that way from here on out.

Since I didn’t have any plans to speak of since I’d dispensed with any thoughts of taking a long drive out to Eastern Iowa, I figured instead, to take a more leisurely drive around North Iowa, and mostly because I’m running out of photos to share with all of you. Once I was out on those not so friendly blacktops, I soon realized my decision to cancel the Eastern Iowa journey, was a good one. At least I managed to stop and get a half dozen shots of our countryside. Would you believe it was still drifting snow on those roads? It was a good decision for the DOT to subsidize those farmers by paying them to leave a good six or eight rows of standing corn along our highways, because there were some spots where the drifts had almost topped-off those six foot high rows. I could only imagine how much more dangerous those north-south highways would’ve been without them.

After I returned to office, I grabbed my little home-made gift package and headed over to Good Shepherd Nursing Home to see my dear elderly friend who’s now 101 years old. When I walked in, I discovered several of her relatives there, and one of them must’ve thought she didn’t know me, so I announced who I was, and her knee-jerk response was, “Yes I know who you are Joe Chodur.” I went on to tease her a little when saying, “Well, because of how highly I regard you, I’ll likely not forget who you even when I’m 107.” She’s a woman who’ll go down in my memory banks as being one of the most remarkable I’ve ever personally known. The weights of time are showing on her body, but she still has a sharp mind, which in my book, is the most important. I’ve done a great deal of real estate work for her and family, and from the first time we met, we hit it off. I know she’s gonna be enjoying what I gave her because it’s a repeat of last year’s gift which was very well received. Those black walnuts have been put to an even better use this year. Seeing her today, was definitely the highlight of my day.

I had another gift to drop off, which was for someone I’ve known for more years than I want to admit. Since we’d not spoken in a number of months, I had to relay some recent events which I knew would be a shocker. But, as I’ve told a number of others, the passage of time is always the best healer, as long as we work at getting those events properly placed in our lives, which is why I’ve once again revisited the art of proper placement. I know my friend is concerned for me about it, but I’m relatively certain it’ll all be properly placed, and I’ll be moving forward with my life, and truth be told, I could care less how many demons the perpetrators of that event will be dealing with in their futures. As it’s been said many times, “We must sleep in the beds we make.”

It was a good rest of the day at office because I was able to get a whole lot of filing, shredding, and dumpster-dumping. Of course curious me, always has to stop and read a few lines out of stacked books, just to remind myself to get back to them, and since the back area of my office, once again has a comfortable place to lounge, I’ll be catching up on some reading.

While working away, my office phone rang, and to my shock/surprise, the caller was a friend of mine who lives far away whom I’ve not spoken with for more years than I dare say, and only because we’ve grown used to sending letters to each other, so getting that phone call, meant there was something very concerning that needed to be talked about.
Hopefully after that long visit, my friend is feeling better about the current events taking place, so perhaps it was a fortuitous event with my being at office when the phone rang. I’m always a believer in the concept of a friend in need, being a friend indeed. After hanging up and reflecting on our conversation, there’s no question every family containing multiple siblings, is a recipe for deep discords which manifest themselves later in life, and almost always created by those who’re jealous and/or filled with greed.  I told my friend today that to have a balanced and fulfilling life, we must always look at money as being a tool, rather than a God, but unfortunately all the more consider it their God, which is regrettable.

My very last gift-giving took place on my way home, and luckily I caught the recipient before heading to a family gathering. We had a quick chat, along with wishing the best for each other this coming year. I know my gift came as a surprise, but I felt that person needed to be rewarded for going above and beyond with the extra attention I’ve required this past year.

I’m going to have a late Christmas meal which will be comprised of roast duck, potatoes and a broccoli salad, and of course a few slices of a most delicious lemon poppyseed loaf I was gifted for Christmas. Yummy.

I’m hoping all you good people out there, ended up with a well-deserved white Christmas of 2022, and once again, thank you all for being so loyal and faithful over these many years.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Of what use is a philosopher who doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings?

Joe Chodur

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