Start Carrying Off The Many Thugs

In spite of it being April Fool’s Day, the weather finally straightened out enough to where I didn’t have to wear my winter coat once the afternoon arrived. It sounds like it’s going to be in the 50’s tomorrow afternoon, which should allow for a decent day outdoors as long as the wind isn’t blowing. Sunday’s forecast is calling for rain, so whatever we plan on getting done outdoors, we’d best get it done tomorrow.

My pre-listing appointment went quite well, and after getting the grand tour, we talked about pricing, and fortunately the seller was agreeable to my suggested price. There are some things needing to be addressed before I list it, which is why we pushed the listing date out a little bit, just so there’s enough time to get it done. That’ll be another fine young mind leaving our community, but considering the issues our City has at present, I don’t blame him a bit. It seems we’re losing more of such mindsets than we’re gaining which I find troubling.

With it being the first of the month, I had more accounting to get completed, so I buried myself into it early in the day, just so I wouldn’t have it hanging over my head the rest. When thinking about it, I’m already wondering where those first three months of the year went, but truth be told, I’m glad they’re over because this winter has been a windy beast, and now totally ready for warm weather.

I was going to stop and pick up a sandwich for lunch at McDonald’s, but at the last moment I decided to drive away because some old duffer decided to cut in on me in an effort to get one car ahead. He actually honked and shook his fist at me. Of course he had to still have one of those old Trump/Pence stickers still attached to his bumper which spoke volumes about his character. While driving over to Hardee’s I couldn’t help reminding myself that decorum is soon to be a thing of the past. My how the mentalities of many of those who’ve lived here nearly their entire lives have changed. Over these thirty years, I believe our community has had a greater “brain-drain” than we would’ve ever considered.

Curious me had to slow down enough this morning to see what was posted on the door of the old Domino’s Pizza which is right across the street from the now vacant Younkers building. What it read was, “Coming soon. Pipe Dream Pizza”, and shortly after arriving at office, I managed to find them on Facebook. If you have a chance, take a look at that video of the ceramic oven they had built and shipped here from Italy. I never really knew much about Neapolitan pizza until I got the full scoop today, so it looks like we’ll have a specialty pizza shop right in our Downtown. I do wish them well in their new venture. Let’s hope they’ll be offering take-away because the available parking in that area is pretty weak.

So many people think starting a business is a cake-walk, when in fact it’s an uphill struggle those first two years, which is why most bankers have very conservative mindsets when it comes to lending to start-ups unless they can tie-in other assets for security which I’ve always questioned. Over these long years, I’ve seen business owners not only lose their businesses because of failure, but also their homes which were tied into their loans. I’d do everything I could to make a go of it on a shoestring than tie-up my home in a business loan package. Most commercial lenders don’t like to admit it, but I know they do all they can to secure as much collateral as possible before rubber-stamping such loans.

The young lady next door to my office who just opened “Roots”, is going to soon discover what real-world business management is like. I absolutely do wish the best for her, because there’ll be hard costs to contend with on a monthly basis. I’m not sure what she’s paying for rent, but I’d heard one of the reasons the previous tenant left, was because of the monthly rent and utilities she had to pay. I know fully-well what it’s like to have a full bank of windows facing west during our winter months, and our extra-windy winter was confirmed by my utility bills. Of course it didn’t help when being notified last year of Alliant’s increase in gas and electric prices.

The sale of that two-story stone building across the street from the Downtown branch of First Citizens Bank just closed several days ago, but for some reason, the new owners have yet to appear in our online courthouse records. One of my colleagues mentioned a relative of hers having told her they’re going to create apartments on the second floor which was a bit of a jaw drop because there’s really no long-term parking available unless they plan on using that City Parking lot across the street which I don’t think allows overnight. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in an apartment over-looking a major highway because that endless traffic of noisy eighteen-wheelers would be keeping me awake half the night. It’ll be interesting to see what they plan on doing with that double storefront on the main floor. I’m glad it’s sold because it’s been sitting there vacant for years after Otto’s Oasis moved out. I was in the basement of it once, and for sure the dirt floor in that one area had me creeped-out. Heaven only knows what could possibly be buried down there.

After reading the online news today about Ukraine, there’s no question in my mind, there’ll be criminal cases filed against those Russians who purposely killed innocent people. Those devils agreed to allow the Red Cross to travel to Mariupol to help those survivors, but had to turn back because of the Russians making their travels inaccessible. Every day that goes by, I pray that Putin and his war-mongering inner-circle, suddenly disappear into the ether without a trace. Just remember, that Bulgarian psychic predicted we’d encounter ET’s this year. Maybe they’ve had enough and ready to start carrying off the many thugs we have in today’s world.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Prejudices are what fools use for reasons.

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