Price Reduction On 1125 W. State Street

Our outside temps created another day of wearing my winter coat, so perhaps this’ll be a personal record for me with having to wear it longer than normal. Considering we’re only a few days away from April 1st, I’d say we’ve had an exceptionally cold and windy March.

Pretty much my entire day was spent working with files which were supposed to close before the end of this month, but due to circumstances out of my control, they both look like it’ll be the first of April for the two of them. First we had a very slow appraiser on one file, and then a very slow banker on the other. I had to hold my tongue with that banker today because of his sharp response to me being, “It ain’t gonna happen.” I guess what bothered me at the time, was not only the words, but his defiant tone which instantly got me boiling inside.

Having worked at a bank before entering real estate, I dare say there was never a time we spoke to customers in such a fashion, and for sure if we did, it would’ve been time to get pulled into an office for a chastisement. I dare say it’s been quite a long time since someone managed to enter my core. Oh well, it’s all on him, and I’m leaving it to him.

I did meet with one of my sellers today to go thru all the transfer documents, and after everything was fully understood, I busied myself with getting them all signed and notarized. After that was done, we spent some time talking about how lucky I was to find a perfect-fit buyer for the home. I couldn’t help saying it was almost as if there was a Divine intervention because it happened so quickly. Once it’s closed, both the buyers and seller will be breathing great sighs of relief.

Another portion of my day was spent setting up an appointment to show a home, and since the agent has another full-time job, it made it a bit more cumbersome when arranging the time. After about three tries, I did manage to get a showing set up for tomorrow afternoon. What I am finding of late, is the mad rushing of buyers wanting to see new listings when they hit the market. I had to laugh to myself when remembering that home was on the market not too many months ago for a good six months. Now that it’s been re-listed, there’s a string of buyers wanting to see it. Having had that home listed a number of years ago, I’d say it wouldn’t exactly be considered my pick of the litter in that price range. If my buyers happen to fall in “like” with it, then so be it.

My late afternoon appointment was with the sellers of 1125 W. State St. here in Mason City. Since that beauty hasn’t yet sold, we figured it’s time to reduce the price. We now have it priced at $229,500 which is right in line with competing listings. I did show my sellers the copy of a listing which is very similar in price and style, going under contract the first day it was listed. The big difference, is that the one which sold only has a double garage, but my listing has a triple garage. Please put the word out that we have a price reduction on 1125 W. State Street.

Since warmer temperatures are on their way, I decided to get some vegetable seeds started indoors, just so I’ll be ahead of the game when planting season arrives. I’m not going to have near the amount of peppers or tomatoes I had last year because I still have more than enough to get me thru another winter. I’m also not planting any hot peppers because I have enough ground chili peppers to last a very long time. I did want to mention that if any of you would like a small sample of those hot peppers from last year that I dried and ground, please stop by my office and I’ll gladly give you some.

Last Fall I picked a handful of asparagus seeds which I’ll also be planting indoors. I’m patient enough to wait the full three years before they’re ready to be picked. Last year I was given a quart of pickled asparagus and I dare say they were very good, so perhaps I’ll have enough to pickle if I should manage to get them to grow. The biggest problem with growing asparagus, is keeping the soil around them weeded and mulched because the weeds stunt their production, and especially grasses like quack grass which when un-checked, turns into a thick moisture-sucking mat.

When reading an article today regarding what’s going on in Ukraine, I was glad to find many of the leaders of countries insisting that those Russian troops have to go back where they came from, along with making no assumptions that Putin and his evil circle will stick to their agreements. The case in point which is to be remembered, is the fact that everyone turned their backs on Russia grabbing Crimea and then setting up those puppet governments in the Donbas, and naively believing they wouldn’t come back for more. Well, here we are again seven years later. Anyone familiar with the beginnings of the Second World War, would draw many similarities with Hitler grabbing Czechoslovakia, just so he could “free” the Sudeten Germans, just like Putin wanting to “free” the Ukrainian Russians. The world let it happen because they thought he would stop there. Nope. Not too long afterwards he decided to invade Poland from the West while Stalin invaded it from the East.

The murdering of those 2,000+ Polish officers out in a forest under the orders of Stalin, will never be forgotten by the Polish people. To this day, even thinking about the murder of those officers makes my stomach turn. It took a very many years for Russia to even admit that it took place. It was only after the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the “old” communist Russia for them to finally fess up. My how history does repeat itself. Our Secretary of State got awfully flustered when Biden said Putin has to go, when in reality, he really does need to get on the same boat as Lukashenko should, so the both of them can go sailing into the sunset, and to be seen or heard nevermore.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable.

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