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I would say this was likely the most pleasant day we’ve had so far this March, and likely because the wind wasn’t blowing. I can’t wait until Sunday arrives where we’ll be basking in 60+ degree temperatures. It’s time to get your porches, decks and patios cleaned off because summertime temps are on their way.

When looking at my calendar at office early this morning, I was beginning to believe our market is slowly coming to a standstill, but once the hour of nine arrived, I was on the phone with both buyers and sellers wanting to look at homes, as well as wanting me go out and give price opinions on them. In a matter of two hours, my week’s appointment book was getting blackened with times and dates.

I did show several homes later this afternoon which weren’t quite the “fits” for the buyers I’m working with, so from here on out, I’ll be watching for new listings in their price range. Believe it or not, there are only two active listings in the $40K – 60K price range here in our City. Now that’s remarkable.

Between setting up appointments, I managed to get the last of February’s accounting done, so I was able to close the books on another month. I really don’t know where the time goes because the buyers I’m now starting to work with, were sellers over three years ago, and when I asked them today how long it’s been, I was shocked to find that much time already having passed. I thanked them profusely for thinking of me after deciding it was time for them to purchase another home.

I’m still putting it out there that there’ll soon be buyers for my two listings located at 1125 W. State Street and 201 S. Vermont. We’ve had one inquiry on 201 S. Vermont since we reduced the price to $179,500, so perhaps with our weather warming, we’ll get both of them sold.

Almost on a daily basis, I get a jaw-drop when seeing grossly overpriced homes having sold for thousands more than I would’ve expected. The higher-end homes are the ones in the spotlight now, and don’t even think about asking me where they’re getting the money to buy, or having the debt to income ratios to make payments on them.

I noticed another “new-build” in Clear Lake is now under contract which is just your standard ranch design under 2,000 square feet. I personally wouldn’t be paying over $500K to live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood over there. I never thought I’d see the day where there’d be “spec” homes selling in North Iowa for over a half million dollars. Welcome to the new world of real estate in the Northland.

My thoughts and fears over that war in Ukriane have never been far from my thoughts, and after reading a handful of news-feeds regarding what’s going on, I’d say Putin’s getting very frustrated and likely entering a maniacal-mindset stage regarding his not having been able to take over the entire country in the two or three days he’d planned. Now that the financial ratcheting has started to kick in, he’s likely going to be seeing more of his cronies trying to distance themselves from him.

The article I read about Abramovich today, was just another confirmation of how much more closely he’s been tied to Putin with his buying and selling of privatized oil companies. The more I look at him, the more he reminds me of one of our City’s rental barons. There must be some sort of genetic pre-disposition which runs thru the veins of those who just can’t seem to ever get enough.

I’m sure after that major newsfeed about the blind trusts the State of South Dakota has allowed for years, will finally put the spotlight on them. One of the commentators mentioned that there may possibly be a trillion dollars now in those blind trusts being managed by financial institutions in South Dakota. I hope our Federal regulators start investigating them more sooner than later before those dark funds are moved elsewhere.

Ok, let’s get back to this business of being a multi-billionaire oligarch who’s likely more older than younger who’s worth well into the billions. Now just remember, just one billion dollars is more understandable if we’d refer to it as a thousand million. So if you take the assets of one of the lesser oligarchs who’s worth say 10 billion, he’s actually worth ten thousand million. Now tell me, how or why would someone with that kind of ill-gotten coin, be able to justify such greed, while still want more? I truly cannot get my brain wrapped around it. Don’t they realize they’re not going to live forever, and certainly not able to take even a penny with them?

There happens to be a billboard I drive past every morning, and each time I happen to notice it, I shake my head and think, “Why would some bank want to put that kind of language on a billboard?” It reads something like, “We’re here to protect your legacies for generations.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather do as much as I could for those truly in need, instead of worrying about spoiled children and grandchildren.

Having worked a great deal with estates over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that more times than not, the only thing most of those beneficiaries have on their minds is, “When is my check going to arrive?” Believe me, I’ve seen it and heard it countless times and each time I find it sickening. Personally, I’d give back the inheritance I received from my mother in a heartbeat if only I could spend but one full day with her.

Please continue to pray for those suffering souls in Ukraine.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Force always attracts men of low morality.

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