Really Good DNA

Gee, do you think we’ve had enough of this yo-yoing weather this winter? I couldn’t believe how pleasant it was again while driving to work, but not two hours later, the wind changed directions and started blowing that strong and bitterly cold air which managed to turn that large puddle of melted snow at the back of my office, into my personal ice skating rink. Thank goodness I didn’t have much running around to do today, because that melted snow was very slick.

I got word today that one of my home sales appraisals came in above what it sold for, which created a great relief for both my buyer and myself, so from here on out, it should be a smooth-sail to closing. Since we have a back-to-back sale and purchase, I’ll be working diligently at getting both sides readied long before their closing dates arrive. Fortunately the selling Realtor and buyers have been more than accommodating which makes a huge difference. There’ve been a number of times over the years when the agent on the other side of a transaction, would be either combative, or wait until the last day to get time-sensitive things done, which would end up causing unnecessary hard feelings with those involved.

Fortunately there was an inquiry on one of the rentals I had posted which ended up being the perfect fit, so that made for an easy transition between the exiting tenant and the new one. I laughed when saying to the new tenant, “You’re new digs are so close to your work, you could walk.” With the gas prices the way they are, I’m sure more people are finding ways to keep from wasting money on gas.

Most of my day was spent working on my taxes, and by the time I threw in the rag this afternoon, I’d say I’m well over halfway finished, which for me, makes for an easy down-hill slide to the finish-line. Just for kicks and giggles, I ran the numbers on the monthly hard costs of keeping my office doors open, and in spite of the spiking prices of goods and services, I’ve managed to keep my expenses in a tolerable range. I’m already seeing my competitors cutting back on their newspaper advertising, which only makes sense because of the shortage of inventory our MLS currently has.

I was exceptionally upset with myself this afternoon for having somehow broken a key off in one of my locking file cabinets. Just after it happened, I continued to stare at it while asking myself, “How in the heck did that happen?” After trying every little tool I had to get that broken key out, it finally slide out. Fortunately I had a spare for that lockset, just in case I lost the key that snapped off today. One of my little duties tomorrow, will be a quick trip to Hardware Hank to get a copy of it made.

While working at my taxes, my thoughts kept going back to the visit I’d had with a woman I’d worked under for over ten years. What had me the most curious, was her age because I knew she wasn’t that much younger than my mother. Well, after doing a little digging, I discovered she just turned 95 several days ago. With having her wits about her, able to walk without a cane, and still driving, I’d say she must have some really good DNA that’s keeping her ahead of her peers. I did know that her mother lived to be well into her 90’s, so she must be following her footsteps. If I think of it, I’ll have to send her a birthday card tomorrow.

While at my closing yesterday, the buyer asked if I’d ever been to Burke’s Bar and Grill which is located at the corner of 12th and N. Federal. I did mention my having met several of my relatives there late last summer, and while there, I noticed how much more pleasant their atmosphere was in comparison to what it looked like a number of years before. Since she works there, she went on to say how the service is great and the food is good, so the next time my relatives come for a visit, we’ll have to go there for lunch. Once again, it’s always good to patronize our locally owned businesses.

With a little free time this afternoon, I headed over to my barber to get a hair cut. In spite of him being only a half block away, I was nearly chilled to the bone by the time I got there. I had to wait a few minutes because he was finishing up on his late lunch, so I patiently waited until he was ready. When looking in the mirror after I returned to office, I think he must’ve had his mind on something else because he clipped more off than normally. Oh well, it always grows back.

When the hour of four arrived, I closed everything up, grabbed two sold signs, and headed out to place them on properties which are fully approved and soon to close. I then stopped back and picked up the big platter of black walnut fudge and headed out to a retirement party I was asked to attend. I also had an accompanying card with words of praise and wishes.

My stay was just long enough for me to meet relatives, friends and co-workers. Most of them I knew, but others not, so I proceeded to make the rounds with nearly all of them. Without looking, I was sure an hour had already passed, which was my queue to bid my farewells to the group. Without a question, I will miss seeing that person on a regular basis, but as we all know, when you know it’s time to call it quits, it’s best to follow your instincts. After a good rest from her stressful job, I’m sure she’ll find something to keep her mind active. I did glace back at that plate of fudge and noticed it nearly empty which made me internally smile.

With our temps being so cold, perhaps we won’t be reading about any more stabbings and/or murders tomorrow morning. I’m afraid this recent killing is going to add another bad mark on our City’s reputation.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Silence and tact may or may not be the same thing.

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