Propagating our City’s Pigeons

Another morning of waking up and finding more snow happened again, which put me in a slightly bad mode when knowing there was going to be more snow in need of shoveling. The first thing I did after arriving at office, was to go out and get the snow off the front sidewalks, and glad I did because it was a balmy 28 degrees at the time, but when I later headed out to do my other shoveling jobs, the temps had already dropped 15 degrees. Ouch! Of course the tips of my fingers had already confirmed that drastic descent. Oh well, it was just one more day in the life of living here in the frozen flatlands of North Iowa.

With some free time I had late yesterday, I prepared two belated Christmas gifts for several people whom I considered worthy of receiving, so today I made sure to get them delivered. I’m confident the gifts to those deserving two people were both well-received. I mentioned to one of them the fact that I wasn’t trying to suck up because I’m just not that type, and of course the answer back was, “I know you’re not.” The reason I give to such people, is because they take a few extra moments to acknowledge another’s existence, rather than treating others like they’re automatons.

I had several errands to run which took me to a paint store and Staples where I had to pick up some needed supplies. While at Staples, I ran into a familiar who has some growing problems with his aging parents which from the last time we spoke, have become worse. All I could do was listen while offering a few suggestions on how to lighten their load. I reminded him how much higher I hold him in esteem for going the extra mile with them, along with assuring him that he’s already earning some positive karma. I also reminded him that none of us are going to get out of here alive, so it’s best we pay it forward in hopes there’ll be someone to lighten our loads when we reach their age.

Over these past five years, I’ve come to fully understand the difference between growing old gracefully, and being someone who’s filled with venomous thoughts, along with considering every hardship they place on others, just another dark joke. When seeing a man I’ve known for many years at the Service I attended yesterday, was another reminder how their outward appearances are reflective of the un-due pain and suffering they’ve created for others. I’d not seen him in at least five years, and after getting a good look at him, all I could think was, “You’ve done it to yourself Mr., and now it’s oozing out for all to see.” Believe me, he looks nothing like he did when I first met him over 30 years ago. Ouch again!

Since I was out on the west-side of town and it was approaching Noon, I decided to stop at Burger King and pick up a Whopper Jr. which has always been the perfect noontime snack for me. While waiting in that long line in their drive-thru, I was remembering how many years I go back to having them for lunch. Long ago when my mother lived on my evil step-father’s acreage, every time she’d come to town, we’d end up at the Burger King that used to be on South Federal. It sure makes a person wonder where all those years went. I still can’t understand why someone doesn’t open up a Burger King somewhere in our Downtown area because for sure they’d be doing a very good business. More than once I mentioned to the owner of Taco Tico how much extra business they’d have if they’d open one up in our Downtown, and his response would always be, “Never”. Irregardless what anyone says, that west strip of Hwy 122, is not the “Golden Mile” some think it to be.

While in conversation with a client today, he asked if I knew what was going to come of Mohawk Square. All I could say was, “I have no idea, but one would think the City would’ve been on the owner’s case about either getting that big hole in its roof fixed, or have it demolished.” I have heard that it’s become quite the haven for propagating our City’s pigeons. It’s too bad there isn’t some investment group out there willing to take on that building, but the biggest hurdle, is the lack of parking which is always a stumbling block for anyone wanting to convert it into a location for mixed use. I’ve always thought the commanding look of that building to be a good example of Gothic Revival with its protruding faux towers.

Much of my afternoon was spent working on my recent sales, along with visiting with the seller of my listing at 326 – 1st St. NW. I suspected he was going to counter-offer on that low offer which came in late last Friday, but I wasn’t expecting to see him counter so low. He did insist that his counter was the first and last, so hopefully that agent’s buyers will realize they’ll be getting one heck of a buy at that price. I just hope they realize how much money was spent by the previous owners on those big ticket updates it offers. I can’t say if I have a feeling one way or another, so whatever happens, happens.

My mind-afternoon appointment was at a buyer’s office where I needed to get some documents initialed, and since I’d not been in that building for a good many years, I couldn’t help saying before I left, “This structure is resurrecting memories from the many years back when I was young and semi-good looking.” We both got a good laugh out of that line.

Before calling it a day, I spent some time preparing myself for a full immersion into getting all that tax information sorted out and readied for my tax accountant. With this biting cold weather, I figured there’s no better time to get it done and over with. Yes, there’ve been years where I’d rather have been taken out for a good beating, instead of working on those taxes. Now that I’ve got the process more fine-tuned, it’s not nearly as exasperating.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To improve is to change; to be perfect, is to change often.

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  • Frank says:

    I agree, the west side is not the golden mile especially for small businesses, but hey what do I know. The old high school is a beautiful building and a shame if they don’t save it, considering the great buildings the community has already gave up to parking lots.