A Cashier’s Check is Just like Cash

While visiting with a gentleman today who also grew up on a farm, I couldn’t help asking, “With this eleven below zero weather and the wind blowing, I’m sure you had some flash-backs from you years on the farm.” He laughed and said, “You can bet I did and they weren’t pleasant.” He also went on to say how flimsy some of these school kids are dressed while standing out at the street corners waiting for their school buses, and of course my response was, “And you wonder why so many are getting sick.” Oh well, these are the times in which we live where anything goes.

Before heading to office, I stopped at several vacant homes, just to make sure their furnaces were working properly, and once I found them as they should be, I took a deep sigh of relief, and drove to work. Of course the side streets still had dangerous patches of ice which should’ve been scraped off before this deep freeze arrived. The most recent day when we had our near forty degree temperatures, was when our City street crews should’ve been getting it moved to the curbsides, but what do I know?

With the entire remainder of my morning being free, I decided it was time to upgrade to a new 5G cellphone and change my service provider, so out I headed to US Cellular. I got there just before the hour of ten which was when they open, and after they rolled up their screens and unlocked the door, in I went with check and instructions in hand.

Believe it or not, by the time I walked out their door for the second time, I discovered I’d spent a good two and a half hours of my time getting a cell phone purchased and signed up for service.

After arriving back at office and reviewing what I’d “signed” on their tablet, I discovered the salesman hadn’t listened to me while I was giving him my account name and billing instructions, so I immediately emailed him back to get it changed, and as of yet, I’ve still not heard from him, so if he doesn’t get back to me tomorrow, I’m be paying their showroom another visit.

Getting a new cellphone service is just like buying a car where they’re always trying to plug you into extended warranties and peripherals which most of the time, aren’t necessary. I couldn’t believe he actually thought I was going to go with his suggestions because he’d already pulled them off their shelves. It didn’t take him long to realize I was not to be soft-peddled into buying un-wanted extras.

What upset me the most, and I’m sure you’d all agree, was the fiasco I had in getting them paid. To begin with, I’d already taken a blank check from my office account with me, just so I wouldn’t be having to bring my book with me. After writing out a check for $826.00, signing it, and then handing it to him, he walked to the other side of the store, ran it thru a machine, and came back with my check with a little piece of paper that was spit out, and causally said, “Our machine won’t accept your check.” I looked at him and said, “There’s no reason for that check to not go thru because the funds are there.” Well, that wasn’t good enough, and in spite of his suggesting I pay with credit card or cash, I insisted that I’d drive over to First Citizens Bank and return with a Cashier’s Check, and that’s exactly what I did.

When I returned about fifteen minutes later with one of First Citizen’s checks, I discovered he’d put everything away, so back to square-one again. Believe me, I wasn’t raising my voice or making any kind of fuss, but when they finally got to the point of running my Cashier’s Check thru their machine, I just about lost it because he came back once again saying, “It won’t accept it.” Ok. We all know that a Cashier’s Check is just like cash because it’s already been drawn out of an account and there’s no going back.

Patiently I waited for another fifteen or more minutes while that clerk was likely talking to his district manager behind closed doors until I finally said to his assistant, “If you’re not going to accept that Cashier’s Check, I’m completely done with US Cellular.” Well, he went back and told the guy, and not long afterwards, they issued me a receipt and out the door I went. You can be sure I called one of the officers at First Citizens, just to let them know US Cellular’s machine didn’t accept one of their Cashier’s checks.

Of course after discovering they’d improperly named my account, I also found that when I called someone, my caller-id showed up on their phone as Joe Chodur or Beje Clark, so as soon as that call ended, I was back on the phone with US Cellular support. The woman was very helpful with “hopefully” getting that removed, so we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow. I did share with her what happened regarding that check, along with assuring her that if it continues, they’ll be seeing new customers going elsewhere. She did say they just installed that new check verifying system, and my response was, “Well, I think your company plugged into a dud and you’d better get rid of them.”

One of my clients mentioned how happy he’s been with their company which is why I decided to go with them, but if I continue to have problems like I had today, my service with them will be very short-lived.

I’ve now babbled on quite a bit regarding today’s experience, but only as a warning as well as a reminder that we’re moving all the closer to being under the complete control of technology, and I don’t like it a bit. After visiting with several of them about real estate, I soon discovered they may know their phones, but they don’t know much about home buying. Oh well, just like me with today’s phone experience, we all must live and learn, while keeping just one step ahead of what “the cloud” wants from us.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Everyone has to know for themselves what they’re capable of.

Joe Chodur

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