Watching a Fainting Goat Dance

As I was expecting today, whenever there’s a Monday holiday, the following Tuesday ends up being one of the busiest of the week, and that’s exactly what happened. Not to worry, I made all my appointments on time, along with getting everything in need of my attention accomplished. For being a twelve hour day for me, it sure went flying by.

Most of my morning was spent working on yesterday’s sale files, along going out and doing an inspection on a home which I’ll likely have listed tomorrow. I wasn’t expecting to be at that vacant home as long as I was, but there were things needing my immediate attention, which I managed to get taken care of.

After having a good conversation with the seller of that home regarding the real estate market here in Mason City, we managed to agree on a listing price which I believed to be one which would create enough activity on it so it would be sold more sooner than later. That’s all we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

As chance would have it, another one of my listings went under contract today which will bring the number of homes I sold in less than a week, to four. Now if this is an indication of what our market’s going to be like, I’d say our MLS is going to be completely out of homes to sell before high summer arrives. That home should’ve been under contract right out of the gates, but unfortunately it was listed during our dead time between Thanksgiving and New Year. In time, those buyers are going to realize they got the pick of the litter of homes for sale, because that’s one “Yell” of a well built home that’s located on one of Mason City’s prettiest streets.

I had to meet with a buyer today to go over the chain of events that’ll happen during these coming weeks of inspections, appraisal, and title work, and since he’s very much one of those people who despises last minute issues or surprises, I made sure he was fully apprised of the process.

With shovel in hand, I took the liberty to go out and get some sidewalks cleared at a vacant home which had a sticker on its door from the City saying if it’s not shoveled in 24 hours, they would hire someone to do it and get a bloated bill for it. It was pleasantly sunny outdoors this afternoon, which offered me another workout minus the freezing cold I usually find myself enduring. Since that street gets a good deal of traffic during the day, I made sure I kept my back to the street just in case someone I know would see me. Believe me, I’m not vain, but rather not liking to have people honking at me or stopping for a visit. For sure, you all know what I’m talking about.

In spite of having such a busy day, I sent a text to my barber asking if he’d have time to cut my hair because it was really getting annoying, and luckily he had time around mid-afternoon, so I headed over. I don’t know why he’s taken on two other jobs when he could be making a great deal more by having his shop open all day and every day. Just the short time I was in his chair, there were two other men who’d come in and willing to wait for theirs to be clipped. I think part of his problem, is the fact that his shop is on the second floor of the old Market 124, and the only signage, is on the front of that side entrance door. Of all the elderly men there are living in this City, that long flight of steps would likely be too much for them to navigate. Whether he realizes it or not, he’s got to get himself more exposure in a shop that’s on the main floor of a building.

My cousin who opened a barber shop in Garner about two years ago, now has a fabulous business where his appointment calendar is filled for weeks going forward. I finally had to stop going to him because I just couldn’t plan on being there on a day weeks into the future, because when in real estate, you have to work around everyone else’s schedule. That’s why I like Anthony the Barber because he’s far more flexible. For example, I sent him a text around Noon, and his first free opening was shortly after three. Now that’s what I like; a short notice and a quick walking distance from my office.

The absolute highlight of my day was having the opportunity to play with the cutest baby goat belonging to the owners of Splash which is several doors down from my office, who’re now having to take it to work with them because it was rejected by its mother. They’ve got a many-week job of bottle-feeding it until it can start eating like an adult.

While I was out shoveling, the owner was outside walking her dog, so I went over to ask how business has been these recent months. Knowing they live on an acreage, I asked about their animals, and when she asked, “Have you heard about our goats?”, that’s when my curiosity kicked in. Well, unbeknownst them, they ended up with three of those Fainting goats, but what they didn’t know, was the fact that one of them was pregnant, so it was a “Surprise! We have another.”

I took the above photo of it with my cell phone which didn’t do any justice of it’s absolute cuteness. I was laughing myself silly while watching a Fainting goat dance, along with his prancing, jumping around, and doing a little play-acting by challenging me with it’s head down and ready to give me a good bump with his hornless head.

What surprised me the most, was how silky soft its hair was, along with how terribly active he was for being so young. I couldn’t help saying to the owner, “I can already tell you’re going to have a problem returning him to the barnyard once he’s able to feed himself.”

Tonight’s One-liner is: Even in winter, an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.

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