If We’d Always be a Little Kinder

As expected, we’re getting a good pounding with snow, and even though I shoveled outside the front of my office four times today, there’s no question I’ll have a good helping to get removed tomorrow morning. I didn’t check the weather, but sure hoping the sun will be shining because it makes for a more pleasant experience while out shoveling.

The bulk of my morning was spent working on the negotiating of a purchase agreement on one of my new listings, and by the time the hour of four arrived, we had it ratified, so now that’s all we’ll be waiting for, is getting the home inspection done and appraisal completed. That home was on the market for exactly seven days before it went under contract which didn’t surprise me a bit because there’s very slim pickings in our market for move-in ready homes in our more sought-after neighborhoods.

Just yesterday a competing listing came on the market, but when looking at the address, I thought to myself, “If a given buyer knows this City well enough, they’ll certainly purchase my listing before even thinking about that one.” As I’ve told buyers and sellers for years, it makes no difference what improvements you make on a home, and even to the point of doing high-end tricking out, the location will be either the king maker or breaker because you can’t change the neighborhood it’s in.” Even to this day, there’s been that mantra, “The three most important considerations for buying a home is location, location and location.” After this pandemic arrived, that idea’s gone out the window, and it certainly shows whenever seeing something sell for far more than I would’ve ever dreamed.” The one’s that seem to get “hooked” the most, are those moving here from out of town, and likely due to their not understanding valuations.

One of my clients called today and asked when I was going to place an advertisement for their home in that rag of a Northern Iowa Real Estate section of our newspaper. I explained to her that it’s been many years since I’d received one lead from it which turned into a sale. I also shared the fact that nearly everyone either enquires off a yard sign, or finds it on one of the internet’s real estate websites, which is why I diligently work at keeping my listings well promoted on the internet. She did agree with me, but I could tell she was a little disappointed, so I agreed to place an ad for their home on that site. I’ll freely and willing do it, but certainly won’t be holding my breath over getting any calls from it.

As I mentioned to one of my colleagues just yesterday, the only reason that some offices still advertise in that rag, is likely for self-promotional purposes only. I’d rather spend the money on advertising someone’s home instead of plastering a smiling photo of myself in every day’s, week’s and month’s editions. Now tell me truthfully. Wouldn’t you get kinda sick of seeing yourself in print all the time?

One of the biggest gripes I have towards the Globe Gazette, is their poor reporting skills which oft times causes un-due disruptions in the lives of good people. I’ve sometimes thought that from the top down, their staff relishes in creating tabloid news which they “think” brings in more readers. Well, it may in the short run, but in the long, it brands them as being unworthy news providers.

Oh could I tell stories about the hurtful things they allowed to get published, and for what reason? Yes, they got some un-deserving people stirred, but again, they’ve shown just how callous they really are. I still wish Lee Enterprise would’ve been sold to that investment group, because anything’s better than what we’ve been getting served these past decades. And they wonder why their subscriptions are down. Go figure. Oh, and just for your information, the space they’re now renting after their building was sold, is located on the north side of the spot where Family Restaurant is located. I’m only sharing this because there’ve been a number of people wondering where they moved.

One of our “powers that be” here in Mason City, has mentioned more than once that now is a good time for someone to start a strictly local newspaper. I couldn’t have agreed more, and I even went so far as saying it should be named the “Cerro Gordo Times” which I believe was the name of a once flourishing newspaper in our City. What I’m sure would take the Globe Gazette down, would be for the new Cerro Gordo Times to offer absolutely free internet access. Of course you’re now wondering how they’d be able keep their paper afloat. Well, that’s when advertising revenues come in. You can bet I’d be doing a great deal of advertising in such an online newspaper because it would be new, offer great reporting, along with providing more wholesome stories which people like to read. I think that’s why the Northwood Anchor is still in business because they consider Northwood like family. I’ve personally advertised in it more than once, and in my opinion, their graphic artist is light years ahead of the Globe Gazette’s.

Having to wait for some documents to arrive late this afternoon, I busied myself for several hours with those now dried hot pepper plants. I would say I’ve got about a third of them done, and if there’ll be as much ground hot pepper powder as I’m suspecting, I’ll be gifting bottles of it to those who enjoy a little spicing-up of their meals.

Over the years I’ve heard stories of people using it as a “rub” for their grilled meats, chili, goulash, stir-fry, pizza, soups and even sprinkling it a-top a bowl of ice cream. Whenever giving it to someone who’s not used it before, I have to give caution that it has a “hot” that’ll creep up on them. I do mention that they’ve been organically grown and naturally dried. Some people use electric dehydrators, but I still dry them naturally.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Wouldn’t our City be a better place to live if we’d always be a little kinder than necessary?

Joe Chodur

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