A Little Howling at the Beaver

I was up and out earlier this morning, and the reason being my need to get some sold signs picked up, a vacant home checked on, and another trip to the gas station for a fill-up. I dare say it’s been a long while since I’ve had to pay so much for a tank of gas, but of course what isn’t higher in price since this pandemic began?

By the time I arrived at office, it was still early enough to give my early-rising friend a call and have a good chat before the phones started ringing. Since we’ve known each other a good many years, as well as our families having crossed paths in more ways than one for generations, we always manage to share out thoughts on current events, as well as re-calling some nearly forgotten facts which shed all the more light on the characters of now deceased individuals. I was once again reminded how so many people will hide behind their so-called religious beliefs while committing some of the most sinful acts towards others, and yes, we still have such mindsets in our midst who’re carrying those very same banners. What gets me, is seeing so many religious hypocrites out running for government offices. Back in my day, it was absolutely verboten to mix the two. I’m still wondering whatever happened to the distinct separation of church and state.

My mid-morning showing of a home to a buyer I’ve been working with, turned out to be a bit of a surprise when finding she liked the home. I’d shown it before, and the big issue I’ve personally had with it since the first time I was there, is that horribly steep and narrow staircase leading up to the second floor, and to top it off, there’s no bathroom up there where all the bedrooms are located. I couldn’t help saying while standing outside, “The first time you fall down those stairs in the middle of the night while heading to the only bathroom which is on the main floor, you’ll be cursing the day you purchased it.” Of course I had to back-track a little by saying, “Of course I’m not the one looking and it.” I assured her I wasn’t trying to talk her out of it, but rather prompting her to look at all the positives and negatives of that home had before making a decision on it.

I personally love two-story homes, but only if they contain normal staircases, and my favorites are the open ones which have the seven inch rise and eleven inch depth, which is one of the main reasons I was so smitten by that now sold listing of mine at 118 – 11th St. NE with its open staircase having those very measurements. Yes, building such staircases were noticeably more costly at the time, but they served their purposes for generations. If I were to ever build a home, it would have a similar floor plan with the exception having a half bath installed, and a main-floor circled plan created by having a pass-thru to the kitchen from the front hallway. Yes, that would be a perfect main-floor layout.

With a few hours free, I changed my clothes and headed out to get some more necessary things done outdoors, and thank goodness I was working in a more secluded area away from today’s wind. If these daily winds continue, I’ll chalk this year’s November up as the windy November of 2021. By the way, tomorrow night is our Beaver full moon, so if you can bear the cold, step out and do a little howling at the beaver. I’m sure the all-night convenience stores will be encountering some wild characters, and especially up on North Federal where they now have three liquor stores. One of my colleagues asked me several weeks ago if I’ve been up there after 9:00 pm, which I replied, “Not ever.”  She insisted I find time some evening because I’ll likely be shocked by what I see. After yesterday’s visit by a druggie at the back of my office, I doubt I’d be shocked by what’s going on because it seems to be taking place everywhere.

The files on the two closings I’m having tomorrow were readied today, so all I have to do in the morning is issue checks and head over to the closing companies. After hearing how the Covid cases are spiking in Cerro Gordo County, you can be sure I’ll be wearing my mask because I’ve been hearing many stories of people who’ve already been vaccinated, catching it. I’m still in disbelief how so many in our general public are acting as though it’s all over and carrying on like nothing’s happened. I still remember the creepy look I got from some mask-less guy while I was walking into a groceteria yesterday.

I did manage to get price reductions today on both 240 – 7th St. SE, as well as 1910 S. Georgia which will hopefully create more interest in the both of them. I’m still in shock 240 – 7th St. SE hasn’t sold yet because that is the most charming home offering a great curb appeal along with a delightful floor plan. I’m doing everything I can to get the seller to spruce them up a bit because they’re at entry-level prices, but unfortunately many of our young are not wanting to make any cosmetic improvements. This is all going to come back and bite them after realizing they paid far too much for their lip-sticked pigs. There’s a home that sold out on the southwest-side which sold for at least $50K too much, which will go down in my book this year as being the most over-sold listing. I showed it only once which was enough. I can’t help feeling sorry for that poor devil who purchased it. If I were that seller, I’d not be able to sleep nights when knowing what I did to that un-knowing buyer.

It looks like I’ll be getting a new listing or two these coming weeks, and since I’m familiar with them, it’s won’t surprise me if they both have multiple offers right out of the gate because of their condition and especially their locations. Maintenance-free homes on pretty streets always sell well in our City, and after driving around the four block areas on the west side of our Downtown, those homes are looking all the more neglected. What’s going on with all these boarded-up homes we’re now seeing?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Anxiety is love’s greatest killer because it makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds onto you, and in spite you wanting to save him, you know he will strangle you if you try.

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