Iowa’s Deer Herds have Covid-19

Another busy day in real estate happened which didn’t bother me a bit due to the warming trend that suddenly arrived. It didn’t even freeze last night which was a blessing because I do dislike stepping out of my car in the morning and having to walk on frosted ground at the back of my office.

My first appointment of the morning was to meet a buyer at a home I sold him, just to get a second look since he’d only seen it once prior to making an offer on it. We were there for over an hour and by the sounds of it, he’s even more excited about the purchase. Yes, there are times when buyers go back thru homes after they’re under contract and start noticing things they’d not seen prior to making their offers, and then start complaining about them. I don’t have that happen too often because I usually allow buyers all the time they need to get everything looked at.

I had a number of calls to return as well as appointments to set for tomorrow and this weekend, which means I’m going to be busier that I thought. It’s not surprising to see this new push to buy because many are wanting to be in their new homes before the really bad weather arrives in January.

One of the cold calls from several days ago called to see one of the homes we talked about and as chance would have it, I had time to squeeze him in before another scheduled appointment. The showing went well, and I’m thinking he may be calling again for a closer look . I had to laugh when he mentioned having seen one of my competitors listings which was double the price and not that much better. All I could say was how crazy our market has become to where if something’s lipsticked really good, it’ll sell for upwards of $20K – $30K more than a similar property needing only some freshening up with paint and floor coverings. There’s no question there’s a niche in our market where a person who’s very good at re-skinning dated homes, can get a 100% or more return on the outlays of the improvements they’ve made. Believe me, I’ve seen it many times since this pandemic started.

Since I had a few minutes free during my lunch hour, I opened up MSN News and to my shock, I found a national article about a study/testing that’s been recently done on the deer population in Iowa. I was shocked when reading that the researchers believe at least 80% of the deer we have running around in our State are infected with Covid-19.

I was so much concerned about it, I felt obligated to add the link to that article to this page. Now I want you to read it very carefully, and if you’re not reading between the lines, read it again because the public response our DNR had given was almost laughable. The first thing that came to mind was my questioning their jumping from their office jobs to being certified virologists. But what troubled me the most, was my having not found anything being said early this morning when reading the Globe Gazette or KIMT news. Is someone trying to keep this news under wraps? One of my dear friends whom I shared the news with, suggested I forward that article to the editor of the Globe Gazette which I later did. Not ten minutes later I got a response back thanking me for sharing, as well as informing me it was sent to their newsroom. Hopefully tomorrow’s article with be captioned, “Iowa’s Deer Herds have Covid-19“.

You can be sure that even if I was a big deer hunter which I’m not, there’s no way I’d be out trying to take down a trophy buck this season because I wouldn’t even think of taking my chances with another mutated Covid-19 jumping back to a human and likely being more deadly. I also called one of my friends who’s from a deer hunting family, and she also couldn’t have thanked me enough for alerting her. I’d say it’s long past the time our DNR created an open-season on those devils, just so we wouldn’t have those monster herds running around. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re now infecting our grazing beef cattle as well. If that happens, we’re going to be seeing beef prices going thru the roof of a cathedral.

Because I shared my thoughts regarding that River City Renaissance project last night, I received a call this afternoon from a gentleman who proceeded to inform me that the so-called developer who still hasn’t got loan approval on that hotel, has to this date received over $1.2 million dollars from our City coffers. I questioned the amount, but he continued to insist on being right.

After I got off the phone, I just couldn’t get my brain wrapped around the idea of some snake-oil salesman being able to talk our City into giving him that much money and nothing to show for it other that a litany of excuses. Forget about trying to win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes because that’s all you need to do is approach our City with another hair-brained idea. If that amount be correct, then all I can loudly say is, “Shame on the ones who let it happen!”

The citizens of Mason City are struggling to make ends meet on a monthly basis while dealing with the rise in our property taxes, insurances, food and utilities, and then find those that are supposed to be watching our financial backs, allowing this to happen. I can’t begin to wonder what other plans they have to squander away our hard-earned tax dollars. There’s no question that if I did something of such a scale, I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror every morning. The citizens of our community had better be getting some solid and justifiable reasons for what’s happening, and it had better not be blamed on the pandemic. Just remember, the hotel in Clear Lake is nearly complete which came off the drawing board much later than what we ended up allowing ourselves to be plugged into. Go figure.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.

Joe Chodur

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